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Diversity Initiatives


Diversity Initiatives

APPAM supports and encourages diversity in all of its programs and activities, including diversity in terms of research discipline, gender, race/ethnicity, normative perspectives, and international emphasis. The association has an active Diversity Committee that provides guidance on how to enhance diverse participation in APPAM. Specific initiatives in these areas are as follows.

Research Discipline

APPAM desires the participation of individuals trained in every research discipline related to public policy analysis and management. In recent years, APPAM has undertaken special efforts to attract sociologists and environmental scientists to the association's programs and activities. About half of the recent participants in the annual Fall Research Conference have come from disciplines other than economics and public policy.


_DSC3781_(1)Women now comprise more than half of APPAM's individual membership and 90% or more of the panels at the annual Fall Research Conference involve women. APPAM is committed to supporting women involved in public policy analysis and management through several initiatives, including recommending that all panels at the Fall Research Conference include female presenters, establishing a specific area within the conference for the discussion of gender in public policy and management, and making the participation of women in the association's leadership a long-term priority.

Race and Ethnicity

APPAM encourages racial and ethnic diversity in its membership and all of its activities. The APPAM Diversity Committee regularly engages in outreach to minority-oriented social science affinity groups and associations to encourage participation in APPAM among researchers from minority backgrounds. Furthermore, APPAM is a major sponsor of the Public Policy and International Affairs Program (PPIA), a national initiative dedicated to increasing diversity in public service. For more information on PPIA, click here.

International Emphasis

APPAM welcomes international members to APPAM. There are no additional membership charges for international members to receive publications and other benefits. Beginning with the 1999 Fall Research Conference, APPAM has sought to integrate international policy and comparative policy and management research into all appropriate conference panels. In addition, APPAM hosts an annual international conference, bringing public policy research to the global stage.  

Normative Perspective

APPAM seeks to include a wide range of normative perspectives on policy and management issues in its conferences and other activities. By fostering intellectual exchanges among perspectives, the association can better achieve its goals for improving the quality of research in the field. The Diversity Committee regularly promotes participation in APPAM among researchers that provide a range of perspectives on current key issues.

Equity and Inclusion Student Fellowship

_DSC3515In an effort to encourage participation by underrepresented students in APPAM and its activities, the Policy Council and APPAM’s Diversity Committee created the ‘APPAM Equity and Inclusion Fellowship’ in April 2016. The fellowship will support the travel and participation of up to 35 students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds at the 2017 APPAM Fall Research Conference, November 2 - 4, in Chicago, IL. 



Interested in serving on APPAM’s Diversity Committee?  Please contact Tara Sheehan, Executive Director of APPAM. 

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