Monday, November 13, 2017

The Impact of Incentives to Recruit and Retain Teachers in “Hard-to-Staff” Subjects | JPAM Featured Article

Public school teachers are typically paid according to their education level and years of experience, with no differentiation by subject. Given resistance among teachers and unions to explicit pay differentials, states and school districts have frequently sought to mitigate subject-specific shortages by enhancing non-salary compensation, such as educational subsidies. This study estimates the causal impact of loan forgiveness and bonuses on retention of teachers in Florida public schools.


CA Regional Student Conference Session: Lunch & Keynote Address

by Dalila Valdez, Masters candidate, UCR Public Policy Program

On Sunday April 9th, the APPAM conference presented Glen Fowler as the keynote speaker for the lunch session. Glen Fowler is a Recruiting and Training Manager for the California State Auditor. Through his position and experience he has become an expert on interviews and has learned what employers look for in a new hire. He shared some of these tips with the audience. 
The first lesson was to be fully engaged with your current position. Regardless of whether it is your first job or your dream job, give your all to that position. See projects to completion before moving on to a new job and above all show costumer service not just to your clients but to your coworkers and peers. Fowler motivated the audience to shoot for the stars when thinking of their end goal and to aim for a career that will be fulfilling in your life. 
The second lesson was to network. If you are trying to be a CEO or in a position of leadership you need to be able to network. Your resume, social media and personality are all a part of this networking strategy. Fowler posed two important questions to the audience, “Think of whether you would hire you?” and “Would you hire your friends?” The people you are around with affect how people see you and therefore what opportunities you have available. 
Glen Fowler ended his talk with some interview advice letting the audience know that research is important. He shared, go into that interview knowing everything you can about the organization (who are they, what's their purpose/mission, who are their clients). Remember that first impressions are very valuable. If you are unsure about the culture of the organization look at who their clients are and many times that will give you a sense of who they are. 
Glen Fowler ended his talk in one of the best ways. He showed the true mentorship nature of APPAM by offering himself as a resource, mentor and coach for new policy analysts. 

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