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Don't Miss These Special Symposia and Award Lectures from APPAM's Upcoming Conference

October 10, 2014 10:00 AM

By now you know there are over 250 great sessions planned at APPAM's Fall Research Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We've also planned four great symposiums, three award lectures, and one presidential address for attendees, as well as several networking events for students, academics, practitioners, and more.

But what if you're unable to attend this year, or are unable to remain for all three days? APPAM is happy to announce that we'll be broadcasting two special symposiums online via webcast, as well as recording several select sessions for later viewing via our YouTube channel. Watch for more details on how to vote for select sessions to be recorded.

So what kinds of special lectures and symposia are in store for attendees?

First, APPAM President Angela Evans, who was recently honored by Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) in the Congressional Record, will be delivering her keynote address at 5:00 pm on Friday, November 7. In Reflections of an Accidental Analyst, Evans will reflect on her career in public service and the struggle to bridge the gap between research and practice in policy analysis. A reception will follow for all conference attendees.

Next, three of these upcoming lectures will be from recent award winners:

Beyond Internal Validity
Thursday, November 6, 4:30 pm
Larry Orr, this year's Peter H. Rossi Award winner, will discuss the challenges facing the "standard model" of evaluation, now that the great methodological battle of the last 40 years--how to ensure internal validity--is essentially resolved: ensuring external validity and dealing with the very low success rate of social interventions when tested rigorously. Discussants will be Judith M. Gueron, MDRC and Rebecca Maynard, University of Pennsylvania.

From Research to Action: How to Affect the Policy Debate
Friday, November 7, Noon
Former APPAM president Isabel Sawhill, recipient of this year's Exemplar Award, will discuss taking research and moving it into the active public policy field.

Between Policy and Management: Common Ground and Shared Opportunities
Friday, November 7, 3:15 pm
The winner of this year's David N. Kershaw Award, Professor Donald Moynihan of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, discusses his research in the context of different policy feedback mechanisms: how policy affects management, how administrative processes alter policies, and how both collectively shape citizen-state relationships.

The recipient of this year's Best Dissertation Award, Anjali Adukia, will be presenting her winning dissertation, The Role of Basic Needs in Educational Decisions: Essays in Education and Development Economics, during the Thursday Poster Session from 10:00 - 11:30 am in the Exhibit Hall.

In addition to these great award-winning presentations, there will be four special symposia:

Politics and Policy Making
Thursday, November 6, 4:30 pm
Moderator: Ron Haskins, Brookings Institution
Speakers: Douglas McAdam, Stanford University; Gabriel Sanchez, University of New Mexico; Michele Swers, Georgetown University

If there is one thing analysts from across the political spectrum can agree on, it is that the political situation in Washington is highly polarized. Douglas MacAdam will talk about how we got here and how the parties became so divided. Gabriel Sanchez and Michelle Swers will offer their thoughts about the prospects for policy making in the midst of such polarization. Are there issues where progress is possible?

This session will also be available as a free, live webcast for those unable to attend; register here.

The Decline of the Middle Class
Thursday, November 6, 4:30 pm
Moderator: Melissa Kearney, University of Maryland and Brookings Institution
Speakers: David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Andrew Cherlin, Johns Hopkins University; Brian Nolan, University College Dublin

With the rise in inequality over the past few decades, a good deal of attention has focused on those at the bottom, and the top. But the trends for the middle class are also concerning. In this symposium, labor economist David Autor, sociologist Andrew Cherlin, and international expert Brian Nolan will talk about what’s happened to the labor market for the middle class, what this means for families, and how this is playing out both in the U.S. and overseas.

Affordable Care Act: One Year Later
Friday, November 7, 3:15 pm
Moderator: Heidi Allen, Columbia School of Social Work
Speakers: Aaron B. Ezekiel, Esq., Office of the Superintendent of Insurance, State of New Mexico; Sherry Glied, New York University; Kathy Swartz, Harvard School of Public Health; Bobbi Wolfe, University of Wisconsin–Madison

No federal law has attracted more attention, and controversy, in the past year than the Affordable Care Act. Now that the dust has settled, what do we know about what happened in the first year, and what are the likely impacts of the law moving forward? What has the law accomplished, and what challenges remain? This symposium will feature Aaron Ezekiel, a policy-maker implementing the law, and three leading experts on health care reform: Sherry Glied, Kathy Swartz, and Bobbi Wolfe.

This session will also be available as a free, live webcast for those unable to attend; register here.

Education Policy: Learning from Other Countries
Friday, November 7, 3:15 pm
Moderator: Jane Waldfogel, Columbia University
Speakers: Helen Ladd, Duke University; James Liebman, Columbia University; Robert Schwartz, Harvard University

A wealth of data is available on the educational outcomes of students around the world. What can we learn from this data about the performance of U.S. students and U.S. schools? More generally, what can we learn--or not learn--from other countries? This symposium will feature presentations by Helen Ladd, who has studied education reforms in the U.S. and other countries, James Liebman, who served as chief accountability officer for the New York City Schools, and Robert Schwartz, who has worked on education issues at every level of government and in the non-profit and foundation sectors.

Don't miss out on all these great events at the Fall Research Conference! And if you haven't registered, there's still time: online registration closes on October 31. If you are a government employee, inquire about the special registration rate by contacting Tristanne Staudt.


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