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Spring Conference

In contrast to the much larger Fall Research Conference, APPAM's annual Spring Conference has been a smaller gathering of leaders within the policy analysis and management field. The theme of the conference changes each conference and is selected by the Chair of the Institutional Representatives, in conjunction with the Executive Committee. The conference takes place in Washington, D.C. every other year in early April; however, the next conference will skip a year and be held in April 2019. The Spring Conference is attended by professional members, institutional respresentatives, practitioners and students. In recent years, it has grown in size to almost 200 attendees. 

Summary of APPAM Spring Conferences, 1986 - 2016

*Information on the 1987 and 1989 Spring Conference is currently unavailable.

Year Spring Conference Theme / Focus
1986 Inaugural spring conference. No specific theme. Conference was focused on the curriculum in public policy graduate schools.
1988 No specific theme. Conference was devoted to envisioning the future of APPAM.
1990 "Public Policy and Management Curriculum: Academic Content and Practical Knowledge"
1991 No specific theme. Major session on "Global Economic Interdependence: Implications for Public Policy Research and Education."
1992 "Journalists and Policy Analysts: How to Develop a Policy Analytic Framework for Journalists"
1993 "Increasing Diversity in the Public Policy Process" (funded by a grant from the Ford Foundation; part of the restructuring of the Public Policy and International Affairs Program)
1994 No specific theme. Sessions examined diversity issues in case writing and curriculum development in policy education, and enhancing communication between academic researchers and policy practitioners.
1995 "Innovations in Practice and Teaching"
1996 "The Changing Policy Landscape: The Challenges to Curriculum and the Practice of Policy Analysis"
1997 "Civic Engagement and Undergraduate Public Policy Education"
1998 "Census 2000: Implications for Policy and Practice"
1999 "After Affirmative Action: Practical Strategies for Assuring Equal Opportunity"
2000 "APPAM in the 21st Century: Where Are We? Where Are We Going?"
2001 "Public Policy Education in the New Economy: Outreach, Careers, Technology and Globalization"
2002 No conference held. APPAM's Policy Council held a full-day retreat to consider the Association's mission.
APPAM's Institutional Representatives held a special meeting on ranking systems for master's programs in public policy and management.
2003 No conference held. APPAM's Institutional Representatives met to discuss their role in the Association and announced the intention to resume holding the Spring Conference beginning in 2004.
2004 No specific theme. Three sessions examined "soft skills" in the MPP curriculum, the design and management of client-oriented project courses, and the structure of the PhD in public policy curriculum.
2005 "Globalizing Public Policy Education and Research"
2006 "Charting the Next Twenty Years of Public Policy and Management Education" (Special, multi-day conference held in Park City, Utah, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the 1986 conference.)
2007 No specific theme. One track was a multi-association summit on faculty diversity in the social sciences, and the second track was a planning session for conducting research on how pedagogy influences learning outcomes in public policy and management education.
2008 "Constructing the APPAM Future: Competition and Cooperation on Campus"
2009 "Weathering the Storm and Preparing to Make the Most of Its Aftermath: Management and Marketing Initiatives Amidst a Time of Challenge and Change"
2010 "Transparency, Openness and Accountability in Public Policy and Management"
2011 Vision for APPAM: Strategic Planning
2012 No specific theme; conference was focused on APPAM governance issues.
2013 "Diversity, Equity, & Public Policy"
2014 "Teaching Policy Analysis and Management in Today's Classroom"
2015 "How Policymakers Use APPAM Member Research"
2016 "Promoting Justice Through Research and Practice"


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