Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Internal and External Validity of the Regression Discontinuity Design: A Meta-Analysis of 15 Within-Study-Comparisons | JPAM Featured Article

Regression discontinuity (RD) is generally acknowledged as the most rigorous non-experimental method for obtaining internally valid impact estimates. The study tests the efficacy of RD by comparing RD causal estimates at the treatment cutoff to those from Randomized Control Trials also estimated at this same cutoff. The study identifies 15 previously completed within-study-comparisons that explicitly examined this issue by assuming the RCT results are unbiased and comparing them to RD results.


Going Beyond Service Delivery: Exploring the Prevalence of Citizen Participation in Government Contracting

May 19, 2014 10:00 AM

Presented at the 2013 Fall Research Conference session Citizen Engagement Tools and Processes, Going Beyond Service Delivery: Exploring the Prevalence of Citizen Participation in Government Contracting investigates the nature, scope, causes, and implications of citizen participation in government contracting. Authors Anna A. Amirkhanyan, Hyun Joon Kim, and Kristina T. Lambright use 33 in-depth interviews with county government contract monitoring officers, as well as managers of nonprofit and for-profit organizations in New York, Maryland, and Virginia to focus on government contracts in the field of health and human services. Their analysis suggests that a wide variety of citizen participation tools are used both by county governments and their private contractors such as client input, advisory boards, and public hearings.

Download and read this week's featured paper [PDF].


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