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Interview with Juliet Musso, Chair, Committee of Institutional Representatives

July 20, 2015 12:42 PM

We recently spoke with Juliet Musso, APPAM's Chair, Committee of Institutional Representatives, about her thoughts on APPAM, her main goals for her term and her thoughts on why APPAM is special.

How long have you been a member of APPAM? Why did you become a member?

"I attended my first APPAM Fall Research Conference in the early 90’s as a Ph.D. student.  So I’ve been an APPAM member for about 20 years. Not to date myself, but during those days of the Fall Research Conferences when I was a Ph.D. candidate, students had the opportunity to submit their resume for review by potential employers who were attending the conference."


"Back then you searched for available jobs by thumbing through a “job listings book.” If you were interested in submitting your resume, you placed a hard copy of your resume in the “resume book.” If an employer was interested in speaking to you they would pin a note on the message bulletin board." 

"I joined APPAM because the Fall Research Conference was a good opportunity for a Ph.D. student like me to have exposure to high quality research and to present papers at the conference."

In your opinion, what are the two biggest issues facing the Association today?

"There’s no question that political polarization and racism of every form are the two big issues that face APPAM, the public policy world and society in general. Whether it is postings on online blogs, Facebook, Twitter or in the public square the rhetoric has become heated and hateful. We need to find a way to effectively address social inequality head on."

"The key challenge for APPAM as an association is to find ways to be relevant in the debate. APPAM as an organization is efficient at addressing social equity."

What do you see as APPAM’s biggest strengths?

"The one thing that makes APPAM different than many other associations is that it is a multi - disciplinary association. Its membership is made up of political scientist, economists, and sociologists who bring an expertise in analyzing public policy issues."

"It was a big step to add a section to the program on the political process at the Fall Research Conference. APPAM pays attention to the political process and has played a relevant role in bringing about change. APPAM’s small size allows it to be nimble in addressing flashpoint issues." 

"APPAM is at the forefront of research that has policy relevance."

What are the 1 or 2 main goals you would like to achieve during your term as the Chair of the Committee of Institutional Representatives?

"APPAM has a governing structure that is responsive to the needs of its institutional members. Institutional representatives have a platform for having their voices heard and feel they have a place at the table."

"One of my main goals as the chair of the committee is to play a role in addressing the concerns of fellow members. I see myself as a facilitator. My second goal is to play a helpful role in planning the program for the next Spring Conference. I want the conference program to continue to focus on the policy relevance of research and issues of social equity and diversity."

What makes APPAM special?

"APPAM is a small association that is easily accessible and has a high commitment to quality research. The Fall Research Conference and Journal of Public Policy and Management (JPAM) are prime examples of this commitment. Each year the Fall Research Conference brings high quality research to the conference attendees."


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