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2020 Student Conferences Submissions Open

The submission portal is now open for both the California (April 5-6, Riverside, CA) and DC (April 24-25, Washington DC) 2020 Regional Student Conferences.


Interview with Ron Haskins, APPAM President-elect

March 11, 2015 04:11 PM

We recently spoke with APPAM's President-elect and 2015 Program Committee Chair and Conference Director, Ron Haskins about his thoughts on the importance of the APPAM Fall Research Conference, his main goals for the 2015 conference and as a long-time APPAM member, his thoughts on why the Fall Conference and APPAM are special. haskins_ron_1x1

How did you come up with the 2015 Fall Research Conference theme "The Golden Age of Evidence-based Policy?"

"The Federal Government is now at the beginning of what could become the 'Golden Age of evidence-based policy.' The Obama Administration, taking over where the Bush administration left off, has created six evidence-based initiatives designed to capitalize on programs that have strong evidence of success.

The Administration has been committed to using taxpayer dollars effectively and are employing innovative new ways to help ensure that government services produce their intended outcomes. A prime example is Social Impact Bonds."

"Never before has there been more activity on the Federal and State Government levels in evaluating social programs and making decisions on what programs to cut and what programs to continue based on evidence of their success or failure. However as is always the case in Congress, it is always difficult to end a program even if it is not successful."

"The key is to create and test intervention programs that more effectively address the nation’s social problems, pay for those programs that are working and not continue to fund those programs that are not." 

What are the main goals you would like to achieve with the 2015 Fall Research Conference? What would make the conference a success, from your perspective?

"I'd like to see high quality papers by those conducting research in the public policy field. In more than 10 years of attending the Fall Research Conference I've always been impressed by the high quality of the papers and sessions presented.This is due in large part to the high quality people who are involved in the paper review process."

"The 2015 Fall Conference will feature three symposia addressed to evidence-based practice and programs and I hope many members will submit papers consistent with the evidence-based theme. I hope to see evidence-based papers in as many as the 14 policy areas as possible."

You've been a member of APPAM for a long time and you'll be the President next year. What's special about the Fall Conference? What's special about APPAM?

"The Fall Conference is the one opportunity each year for the APPAM and public policy community to come together to make formal presentations and to learn about the top-notch public policy research being conducted in the field."

"The conference is a great opportunity to get critical feedback on research successes and failures. It's an opportunity to showcase great work!"

"During three days of the conference you get a great sense of the high quality and relevant policy research that is going on. This is evident throughout the various sessions and special for me is the awards presentation." 

"I've been a member of APPAM for at least 10 years and I've always been impressed by the quality of people who belong to the association. APPAM is the only organization made up of the top policy people from every discipline that represents the broadest spectrum and breadth of experience and knowledge in the public policy field."


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