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#2020APPAM Submission Deadline Extended

APPAM is extending the deadline to April 24th, in an attempt to provide extra time to prepare proposals, considering the public health context.


JPAM Call for Papers: Evaluation of the Affordable Care Act

The Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM) invites the submission of manuscripts to be published either individually or in a series of symposiums in forthcoming issues on the “Evaluation of the Affordable Care Act” depending on the volume of submissions.

The Affordable Care Act has been law for five years and almost all of its provisions have been implemented. While it is still relatively early in thelife of the ACA, the growing availability of data and the continuing policysignificance of the ACA make it an opportune time to begin assessing the efficacy of the ACA.

The overarching theme of the JPAM symposiums is to assess whether the ACA achieved its primary objectives of expanding health insurance coverage and improving the effectiveness of health care delivery. However, within this broad, topical umbrella there are many potential research questions of interest such as, but not limited to:

1.     Early evidence suggests that the ACA has reduced the proportion of uninsured. Was this change mostly due to the Medicaid expansions or the creation of the Health Insurance Marketplaces? Was there any “crowd out” of private insurance?

2.     Do the effects of the ACA vary with other aspects of the state health policy environment?

3.     How did the ACA affect hospital organization and provision of inpatient care?

4.     The ACA was intended to improve the efficiency (cost and quality) of health care delivery. How has it done?

5.     How did the ACA affect the health insurance market?

6.     While the effects of the ACA on health outcomes and government budgets are perhaps what the law will ultimately be judged by, the main market motivator for health insurance is financial protection. Has the ACA improved financial wellbeing of low-income families?

7.     The ACA implementation provides a rich opportunity to study the effect of management on policy. What lessons can be learned about successful state and local implementation of federal programs? 

The papers or collections of them as symposiums will be published in a time-sensitive manner in upcoming issues of JPAM. The intent of this call is to promote the best and most current, evidence-based research on the Affordable Care Act, and to disseminate that research swiftly. Editorial review will be consistent with this time-sensitive objective. Co-Editor Robert Kaestner will be the editor-in-charge of the symposiums along with special editors Christopher Carpenter, Sherry Glied, Kosali Simon, and Katherine Swartz.  After peer review, they will recommend articles for publication to Kenneth Couch, the editor-in-chief of JPAM.  Average turnaround for peer-reviewed articles at JPAM is 58 days. 

Submissions for this special issue should be made through the regular online submission process for the journal at Please indicate with your submission that you would like your paper to be considered as part of this special call for papers on the ACA. Submissions will be accepted immediately and will continue until August 31, 2016.

JPAM is the flagship journal of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. It typically ranks among the top public policy journals. While JPAM readership is sophisticated, we would like the papers to be written in a way that makes them accessible to wide audiences. Demonstrations of the usefulness of these approaches must be focused on policy and public management issues that have broad ramifications for policy and decision makers at the state, local or federal levels of government.


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