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Manasi Deshpande to Receive APPAM's 2015 Best Dissertation Award

October 7, 2015 01:00 PM

The Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) is pleased to announce Manasi Deshpande, a recent Ph.D. graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as the winner of the 2015 Best Dissertation Award. Honorable mention goes to Alexander Smith, University of Virginia and Gabriel Cardona-Fox, University of Texas, Austin.



APPAM recognizes emergent scholars in the field through an annual award for the best Ph.D. dissertation in public policy and management. The award will be presented to Deshpande on Friday, November 13 during the Membership & Awards Luncheon at the Association’s Fall Research Conference, held this year November 12–14 in Miami, Florida.

“Manasi's dissertation on the effects of disability insurance on long-term outcomes of children and their families was outstanding. All of the nominated dissertations exemplify scholarly excellence in public policy and management.”

Deshpande’s winning dissertation, Essays on the Effects of Disability Insurance uses data from the Social Security Administration on children enrolled in the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program and their family members.

In her first essay, Does Welfare Inhibit Success? The Long-Term Effects of Removing Low-Income Youth from Disability Insurance, she estimates the long-term effects of removing low-income youth with disabilities from SSI on the level and variance of their earnings and income in adulthood. Essay two, The Effects and Channels of Early-Life Removal from Disability Insurance: Evidence from Supplemental Security Income Children, examines the effects of removing children from SSI before age eighteen, prior to the completion of education decisions, on their earnings in adulthood.

In The Effect of Disability Payments on Household Earnings and Income: Evidence from
the SSI Children’s Program
essay she estimates the effects of removing young children with disabilities from SSI on parental earnings and household income, using the child medical review empirical strategy from Chapter three.


Smith received an honorable mention for his dissertation Three Essays on U.S. Social Policy’s Impact on the Human Capital Development of Young Adults At-Risk of Poverty. His first essay, Dollars and Dropouts: The Minimum Wage and Schooling Decisions of Teenagers, investigates the impact of the minimum wage on the schooling decisions of teenagers.

His second essay, The Minimum Wage, Teen Employment, and Teen Schooling, explores the long-run effects of Oklahoma’s universal preschool program on criminal activity. The final essay is an essay that Smith coauthored with Tom Dee, University of Southern California and James Wyckoff, University of Virginia which examines the impacts of the 2010 cohort of Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grants to states school districts to support financial incentives for teachers who improve student achievement.


Cardona-Fox who also receives an honorable mention for his dissertation Exile within Borders: A Study of Compliance with the International Regime to Protect Internally Displace Persons takes a systematic and global look at the United Nation Guiding Principles for the Protection of Internally Displaced Persons (GP), introduced before the UN General Assembly in 1998.

He examines patterns of commitment and compliance with the IDP regime and identifies forces that have driven states to comply with them.

APPAM’s Best Dissertation Award is presented annually at the Association’s Fall Research Conference. Winners receive a cash award in the amount of $1,500 in addition to a plaque, recognition at the annual APPAM Fall Research Conference, and publication of an abstract in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM). A separate grant covering travel costs to the Fall Conference will also be provided.

The award winner and two honorable mentions will be given an opportunity to display posters of their dissertations during the research conference. Dissertations that are completed in the prior academic year, deal substantively with public policy issues, and are nominated by a faculty member of a public policy program from an APPAM institutional member are considered for the award.


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