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Build Community and Confidence for Early-Career Scholars through the 40 for 40 Fellowship

The 40 for 40 Fellowship is an opportunity for young researchers, like me, to have a platform to use their voice and to gain the support of a community. You are building confidence not only in the individual but are helping to ensure that the field remains diverse. Think about your perspectives on policy and what made you passionate about it. Representation matters and you have the chance through the 40 for 40 Fellowship to provide another researcher the opportunity to share their story.


Membership to Vote on New APPAM Logo

November 7, 2013 08:00 AM

APPAM Logo: Process for Designing and Selecting a New Logo

The APPAM Communications and Web Committee spearheaded a project to redesign the APPAM logo earlier this year. The existing APPAM logo was designed in 1994. Leadership and staff have gotten some complaints over the years that the logo is confusing and looks dated. In addition, over the past few years, APPAM has undergone some notable changes as we continue to focus on ways to pursue our mission. These changes include a new strategic plan, governance and bylaw changes, exciting new events, a redesigned, and a broad attempt to more fully engage our members. A new logo, or “public face” of APPAM will let our members and the policy community know that APPAM is moving in new directions and continues to play a leadership role in the policy and public management world.

The Redesign Process

The Communications and Web Committee met with a designer earlier this year to determine the goals for a new logo. The committee was clear that they wanted a logo that is:

  • Modern and timeless
  • Self-explanatory
  • Versatile enough to work in print, on the web, in social media applications, etc.

After several rounds of designs and several conference calls, the group unanimously recommended the two logos below.

Proposed New Logo


The committee gravitated towards the “house” idea that you see above. The three pillars represent the three types of APPAM members (academics, practitioners and students) as well as the three places where policy analysis occurs (universities, governments and policy research organizations).

Voting for the APPAM Logo

The committee felt strongly that the membership should be involved in the decision to select a new logo. Based on feedback from the APPAM Policy Council, there are some members who feel the existing logo is good and a new logo is not necessary. In order to accommodate these members, when voting for a new APPAM logo, members can choose to vote for the old logo instead.

Voting opens on Thursday, November 7 and runs through Friday, November 15. The logo with the most votes will be unveiled on on Monday, November 18.


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