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APPAM - Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management

Individual Memberships and Benefits


APPAM individual memberships are available to all professionals working in the field of public policy and public affairs. An APPAM membership ensures that you are on the cutting edge of policy analysis and management issues that affect all policy professionals. 

Below you may find additional information on the many benefits an APPAM professional membership has to offer.  


Professional Development and Education

  • Podcasts & Webinars - All professional members have access to our library of professional development podcasts and Ronwebinars.  Topics include tips for presenting at academic conferences, interview prep, faculty position negotiation, and deep-dives on policy "hot topics."  
  • APPAM Job Board - Professional members have access to PublicServiceCareers.org.  The job board, hosted by APPAM, ASPA, and NASPAA is the source for professional jobs in the public sector - government, nonprofits and NGO's, consulting, and academia - and for advice and information about public service careers.
  • Committee Leadership Opportunities - In consultation with the Executive Director, the current President appoints members of the Policy Council to committees soon after the election every January. Chairs of the committees may then appoint APPAM members to their committees.
  • Update Newsletter - Read the recent Professional Member Update.

Save with APPAM

  • Reduced Registration Rates - Members have access to reduced registration rates for all APPAM conferences including the Annual Fall Research Conference
  • Journal Subscriptions - All professional members receive discounted subscription rates for other research journals.
  • Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM) - All professional  members receive a complimentary subscription to JPAM.

Community of PeersJPAM

  • Membership Directory - This members-only institutional and individual member database connects you with colleagues.
  • Networking Events - Members receive complimentary registration for the many member forums and networking events held throughout the year.  
  • E-Lists - All members have access to all APPAM E-List communities.  These communities serve as a medium with which to solicit the advice of your peers, benefit from their experience, and participate in an ongoing conversation

Membership Dues & How to Join 

APPAM bills individuals for their annual dues renewals on a monthly basis. Members receive a request to renew their membership three months before scheduled expiration. For example, if you join APPAM in March, you will receive your first renewal request the following January.
APPAM membership dues are based on annual salary, broken down as such:
  • Individual with income less than $65,000 = $75.00 
  • Individual with income $65,000-100,000 = $105.00 
  • Individual with income more than $100,000 = $135.00 
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