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APPAM Launches COVID-19 Member Resources, Data and Research Collaboration Hub

As many professional organizations around the globe explore ways that they can contribute to addressing the current public health crisis, APPAM would like to provide members with a platform for interacting and sharing ideas focused around the COVID-19 topic. To that end, we are launching a Resources, Data, and Research Collaboration Hub.

APPAM President Angela Evans

President's Update from the Spring Conference

May 14, 2014 01:30 PM

Dear Members,

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the Policy Council meeting that took place in conjunction with the Spring Conference last month in Washington. I have included a brief summary of our discussions, decisions, and ongoing work. This is an effort to more fully engage our membership on what its elected Board is doing to help APPAM achieve its strategic goals. If you have questions about any of the activities the Board is undertaking or you would like to become more involved in APPAM by working on one of the committees, please contact the APPAM Executive Director, Tara Sheehan.     

Thank you for being an APPAM member. 

Take care,




Angela M. Evans, APPAM President

General Follow-Up

We have yet to identify dates for the 2015 Spring Conference and Governance Meetings. Tara will send out a survey in the coming weeks to determine the dates that work best for all. This will help us lock-in dates early to help mitigate conflicts.

The group discussed the importance of regular participation in the Policy Council Meetings. Everyone agreed that more in-person participation is important and a reminder should be sent to those who did not attend the spring meeting. The Policy Council agreed that a more explicit orientation for new members should be adopted. This would allow discussion of the expectations of serving on the Policy Council and running for office.

Don Rosenmbaum, OMB, addressed the APPAM Institutional Reps at their meeting. He discussed federal level efforts to support evidence-based policy and presented possibilities for partnerships between the federal government and academics. We created a working group to further this effort, which includes David Johnson, Don Kettl and Sherry Glied. A follow up meeting with Dan is being scheduled.

We also created a working group to examine the PhD in public policy degree program and the interactions with the labor market. The group is currently establishing explicit goals for its work and is developing an action plan to achieve these goals.

The APPAM Critical Indicators Report and the Progress Report on the Strategic Plan will be updated and distributed to the Policy Council members in the next several weeks.

The APPAM Office is preparing to send out a “sources sought” email for the new International Conference Convener (ICC). We edited and updated the RFP for the new term.

We created a government rate of registration for the Fall Conference, which the Policy Council approved. The special registration rate is meant to encourage as much practitioner involvement in the conference as possible.

Committee Tasks

Affiliations Committee (Ad Hoc)

The committee recommended that APPAM join COPAFS and pay the annual PPIA dues. Communications between the APPAM office and COPFAS officials are underway.


  • Revise criteria for affiliation selection to reflect changes made during the Policy Council meeting and add:
  • Section that requires APPAM to name a formal representative to any organization in which membership is in the form of affiliation.
  • Section that provides for APPAM to formally charge an APPAM member to organize a session, etc., when the affiliation requires participation in an event.

Communications Committee


  • Ensure that each Policy Council member contribute a short blog to to explain APPAM’s role in their professional life.
  • Work with the new Ph.D. group to consider putting videos of job candidates on the website.
  • Work with the Policy Relevance Committee to determine the best way to publish/disseminate information on IPA opportunities. Content would include: a description of IPA’s, how they are filled, how to apply, and examples of the types of experiences one could gain from an IPA. The committee should use APPAM members that have successfully served in IPA’s in the past.

Diversity Committee


  • Work with the President Elect to determine the 2 or 3 sessions the committee would like to sponsor for the 2014 Fall Conference.
  • Work with PPIA to determine APPAM’s ROI in the organization and how APPAM can better utilize the sponsorship of PPIA to advance diversity goals.

Finance Committee


  • Continue to review the possibility and efficacy of an endowment.

Policy Relevance

The committee recommended that the Policy Council not pursue the creation of a special fellowship program that would allow for the exchange of academics and practitioners. The Policy Council agreed with this recommendation.


  • Evaluate the feasibility of adopting alternative publication outlets for the research members undertake or for more “popular press” pieces members produce. Work with Ken Couch and Ben Rome on this.
  • Work with Communications Committee to determine the best way to publish/disseminate information on IPA opportunities. Content would include: a description of IPA’s, how they are filled, how to apply, and examples of the types of experiences one could gain from an IPA. The committee should use APPAM members that have successfully served in IPA’s in the past.
  • Compile a list of government agencies and contact people for the APPAM office to use to disseminate the letter generated by the committee to encourage agency participation as chairs/discussants at the 2014 Fall Conference.

Meetings and Conferences Committee


  • Work with President Elect to address recommendation of how best to use discussants—can offer 2013 sessions that successfully engaged discussants as exemplars.
  • Work with Institutional Representatives (Mike Shires) to advance options for 2015 Spring Conference that could attract the same level of interest and involvement generated by the 2014 Spring Conference.

Membership Committee


  • Work with APPAM staff to enhance the retention of student members in APPAM.
  • Work with APPAM staff to determine how best affect greater involvement of PhD students in APPAM.
  • Consult new ad hoc working group within Institutional Representatives that is focusing on Ph.D. students.
  • Work with Conference Committee to develop a MPA/MPP workshop focused on employment—may be too late for the 2014 Fall Conference but may be something to consider for the Spring or Fall 2015 Conferences.
  • Make a recommendation to the Policy Council on the issue raised by small programs: the possible creation of sliding scale for dues for institutional members, starting at a lower price point for smaller schools.

Nominating Committee

The President Elect will serve on the committee in an ex-officio, advisory capacity.

Strategic Planning Committee


When thinking about strategies and approaches to the strategic planning process, include the following items:

  • Maintaining the practice of uncontested elections for president-elect
  • Developing new investment strategies for APPAM surpluses
  • Assessing the relevance and use of key indicators
  • Determining how best to capture benefits members would like to see APPAM provide to them

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