Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Inclusion is Hard and We Must Do Better | APPAM Leadership Blog Series

Increasingly, activities that focus on inclusion are becoming more and more important. As I’m sure you’ve experienced at your university or research organization: getting to the how is hard. We all know about the why. Having a membership/staff/faculty/student body/leadership that reflects everybody in the larger group and represents all perspectives in decision making is vital. There’s no question that we need and want to engage in as many diversity activities as possible.


Recent COPAFS Meeting Discusses Use of Administrative Data

The Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics (COPAFS) recently held its quarterly meeting in Washington, DC. COPAFS represents more than 300,000 researchers, educators, public health professionals, civic groups, and businesses that rely on the guality and accessibility of statistics effectively collected by the federal government. APPAM is a member of this organization and several APPAM members were in attendance.

At the meeting, speakers discussed how administrative data - records on individuals, households, or businesses pertaining to participation in a program or other transactions – are being considered as an adjunct to or substitute for more costly survey data. Their linkage for research purposes promises to reveal undiscovered relationships among programs and is a boon to program evaluation. However, there are significant challenges to using such administrative data, including maintenance of privacy and inconsistencies within the data. The theme of this COPAFS Quarterly Meeting was the availability and use of administrative data for statistical and research purposes.

All four presentations from the meeting are available in PDF format from COPAFS:

Shelly Wilkie Martinez, Statistical and Science Policy, OIRA U.S. Office of Management and Budget
Federal Guidance on Statistical Use of Administrative Data

Rich Lucas, Acting Deputy Administrator for Policy Support, Food and Nutrition Service
Challenges and Rewards of Research with Nutrition Assistance Program Data

Andy Shatto, Director, Data Development and Services Group, CMS
CMS Program Data

Barry Johnson, Acting Director, IRS Statistics of Income Division
Presentation to the Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics

Thanks to Shelly Ver Ploeg for her contributions to this report.


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