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APPAM Virtual Happy Hour 4/3

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Student Member Spotlight: Menbere Shiferaw

June 15, 2017 09:00 AM


APPAM honors those student and professional members who are dedicated to the public policy profession and stewards of APPAM's mission. Each month, both a new student and professional member will be featured in out Member Spotlight series. Interested in being in the spotlight? Email Meghan Grenda for more information.

What policy school do you attend and what is your degree program? 

I am a doctoral candidate in public policy at the Wagner School of Public Service at New York University, focusing on education and social policy.   

What is your expected graduation date?

I plan to complete my degree in May 2018.  

What are your post-graduation plans?

I hope to continue doing policy relevant research and teaching, either in an academic or non-academic research setting. I’m excited to be on the job market this fall. 

What is your policy focus and why?

My research aims to inform policy and practice to better serve special populations, in particular immigrant students, students with disabilities, and English language learners. I’m broadly interested in understanding and promoting the educational and labor market opportunities of these large and diverse student populations. I’m also interested in the retention of teachers in urban school districts, who educate diverse populations. If schools are to strike a balance between education access, resources, and quality then policymakers, practitioners, and researchers alike should pay close attention to heterogeneous effects of education policies and practices.

How did you first get involved with APPAM?

I presented a poster at the fall research conference as a second year student and it was a great opportunity to not only to get feedback on my work but also learn from others.   

Why do you stay active in APPAM?

Put simply, it’s fun and valuable. The fall research conference and spring regional student conferences have been particularly useful for me. I appreciate that APPAM provides great resources for young scholars to strengthen our research and build professional relationships. I also like the interdisciplinary nature of APPAM. Improving educational opportunities for children often means taking an interdisciplinary approach. Education researchers need to pay close attention to research in other fields, such as health, crime, and poverty. APPAM has been a great platform for me to meet scholars outside of my field.  

What APPAM tools/resources do you use most often?

In addition to conferences, I take advantage of any and all student focused resources such as career oriented webinars and mentoring workshops.  

Hobbies or fun fact:

I love dancing and sailing, not necessarily at the same time, but on a large enough boat I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. I enjoy everything from salsa and ballroom dance to belly dance and traditional African dance. 

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