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The Internal and External Validity of the Regression Discontinuity Design: A Meta-Analysis of 15 Within-Study-Comparisons | JPAM Featured Article

Regression discontinuity (RD) is generally acknowledged as the most rigorous non-experimental method for obtaining internally valid impact estimates. The study tests the efficacy of RD by comparing RD causal estimates at the treatment cutoff to those from Randomized Control Trials also estimated at this same cutoff. The study identifies 15 previously completed within-study-comparisons that explicitly examined this issue by assuming the RCT results are unbiased and comparing them to RD results.


Watch Sandra Archibald's President's Address Online

November 28, 2012 01:04 PM

APPAM's outgoing president Sandra Archibald, Dean of the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington, gave her keynote address during the 2012 Fall Research Conference. Entitled Effective Evidence-Based Policy Making: Some Critical Perspectives, Dr. Archibald spoke on how the public sector is changing quickly and that it is imperative that public policy professionals adjust and adapt to this rapidly changing environment.

She urged policy makers to think about using strategies in policy research that would help the decision makers. "Scientific technology has changed research and impacted decision makers in every policy field, including climate change, wealth disparities, and human trafficking," said Dr. Archibald. "We need to be prepared to address complexities in technology that will change more drastically." An important step forward would be the integration of policy analysis, resource management, and program evaluation.

Dr. Archibald concluded by stating that “we need to build on the current strengths of the organization and the challenge for us is to keep our character, keep our quality, keep our perspective and respond to the demands that are out there.”

Part 1 (with introduction by Paul Decker):

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4 (with presentation by Helen "Sunny" Ladd):

You can also view these on APPAM's YouTube channel.



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