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What is the Role Advocacy Should Play in APPAM’s Activities? | APPAM Leadership Blog Series

What is the role advocacy should play in APPAM’s activities? The arguments largely fall into two camps: APPAM shouldn’t engage in advocacy activities because our members get those needs met elsewhere and wading into specific issues is sure to alienate some; APPAM should engage in advocacy activities since members’ research depends on funding and the outcomes impact policy and the policy-making process. APPAM doesn’t advocate or provide information its members could use to advocate. Should we?


Why Should You Attend the 2013 Fall Research Conference?

October 31, 2013 10:00 AM

APPAM’s annual Fall Research Conference is happening in Washington, DC this year. The Association’s President-elect, Angela Evans, has overseen and coordinated a fantastic series of events and sessions for attendees. This year’s program aims to build on the knowledge and experience of Association members and their colleagues by examining the current state of research and analysis across critical policy issues, as well as offer an environment to explore the place of research and analysis in future policy deliberations.

Attending the Association’s fall conference is a professionally rewarding experience. Over the course of three days—November 7 to 9—attendees can socialize with colleagues from other institutions and organizations, hear some excellent panels and discussions on the latest research and policy ideas, and converse with their peers.

Nearly 300 sessions provide opportunities to inform you of what others are doing and inspire new research ideas and opportunities. And while listening to various presentations is valuable, “hallway conversations” can also be fruitful. Networking at the annual conference is important in today’s collaborative research environment.

Our fall conference offers a venue for attendees to share insights, experiences, fresh ideas, and approaches on how to use the expertise members have accumulated over the years to:

  • Ensure that our research reflects issues that are on the policy agendas of those who make and implement policies
  • Successfully anticipate new and emerging research needs of the policy community both researchers and practitioners alike
  • Demonstrate which research methodologies are most likely to prove useful to those seeking evidence on which to base their decisions
  • Identify and analyze strengths and weaknesses of information, data, and research design, including identifying information/data gaps
  • Offer new ways to define policy problems: questioning the assumptions undergirding our research, evaluating past practices of designing research, and validating such designs among researchers
  • Determine the feasibility of policy options considering, for example, budgetary and political pressures

Here are some other important reasons why you should consider attending this year’s Fall Research Conference:

  • See people who’ve written papers you’ve read
  • Meet peers with similar interests and experiences who can help expand your network and circle of influence
  • See what’s current in other areas of research and policy
  • Share what you’re doing, and find out what others are accomplishing
  • Build potential partnerships and relationships that can help you professionally
  • Find inspiration for new ideas and projects
  • Discover answers to difficult or challenging questions you’ve considered

And if that’s not enough, check out all of the special events scheduled for this year, including the Saturday Caucus, the pre-conference Institutional Forum on Mexico-U.S. Migration, the Spencer Foundation Breakfast and Lecture, two great symposia, Student and Senior Scholar Roundtable, and much, much more.

There’s a lot going on at this year’s conference and we’re positive our members will find the experience enriching and rewarding. If you haven’t registered yet, do so today as online registration ends November 2. We’ll see you in Washington!


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