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APPAM is dedicated to improving public policy and management by fostering excellence in research, analysis and education.

APPAM Committees


APPAM has several committees through which it accomplishes the work of the association as laid out in the 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan.

In consultation with the Executive Director, the current President appoints members of the Policy Council to committees soon after the election every January. New chairs are also appointed at this time.


Committees meet throughout the year by phone and the chairs of each committee report on the activities of their committees at each of the two annual Policy Council Meetings. The committees work in conjunction with APPAM staff throughout the year to achieve goals set out in the Strategic Plan. They are comprised exclusively of Policy Council members and are not open to non-Policy Council members at this time.

Typically, a committee meets once a quarter via a phone conference call, lasting between 30 minutes and an hour. Committee members are expected to participate in the committee's work and with APPAM staff on accomplishing both Policy Council and committee goals for the year.

Active APPAM Committees

APPAM’s has 8 standing committees: the Dissertation Review Committee, the Diversity Committee, the Institutional Reps Committee, the Meetings/Conferences Committee, the Membership Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Student Activities (SAC) Committee, and the Policy Relevance, Development and Communications Committee.  Additionallly, APPAM has two adhoc committees: Institutional Reps: Spring Conference Committee and the Codes of Conduct and Standards Committee.  

Ad Hoc: Codes of Conduct and Standards Committee  

This committee will determine if a code of conduct for APPAM leadership is necessary and, if so, what the code should be.  This committee will also consider creating a code of conduct for all APPAM meetings. 

Dissertation Committee

This committee reviews all the submissions for the PhD dissertation award and picks a winner and two runners up for the annual award, presented at the Fall Conference.

Diversity Committee 

This committee is responsible for developing and overseeing the Association’s activities to promote diversity in its membership, at its member schools, and in its leadership.

Meetings/Conferences Committee 

This committee advises the operations, logistics, agendas, sites and all other details for all APPAM meetings and conferences.

Membership Committee

This committee helps develop membership recruitment plans and priorities, develops new membership benefits as appropriate, reaches out to underserved members, assesses renewal strategies and member satisfaction for professional, student, and institutional members.

Nominating Committee

This committee prepares a slate of candidates for the annual election to the APPAM leadership and APPAM Policy Council. They work with the Diversity Committee to ensure that the slate of candidates for election to leadership is as diverse as possible.

Student Activities (SAC) Committee

This committee oversees student activities, programs student sessions at the Fall Conference and considers ways to strengthen the representation of students in all APPAM activities and events. The committee is comprised entirely of students and includes one of the student members on the Policy Council. 

Institutional Reps Committee

This committee is comprised of the four elected institutional reps on the Policy Council and is charged with ensuring that the interests of the institutional representative members of APPAM are well represented on the Policy Council.

Ad Hoc: Institutional Reps: Spring Conference Committee

This committee will help plan the 2019 Spring Conference. 

Policy Relevance, Development and Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for ensuring that all APPAM activities and events connect policy to practice and helping identify and implement training and educational opportunities for all APPAM members, across all communication channels and platforms.

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