APPAM/Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis Award

The Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Policy Council approved creation of this award on November 2, 2006. Funding for the award currently comes from the JCPA/ICPA-Forum and the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. Funding may be renewed for additional awards. APPAM & the ICPA-Forum seeks to reward and encourage excellence in comparative policy analysis as represented in research papers delivered at APPAM's annual Fall Research Conference.

The author or co-authors of the selected paper receive/share a cash award in the amount of $1,000 in addition to a plaque and recognition at the annual APPAM Fall Research Conference. The selected paper also will be eligible for immediate review for publication in the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. There is no support available for the cost of travel to receive the award. The award will be offered on an annual basis but will not be made if suitable submissions are not received.

A selection committee of four persons may be appointed by APPAM and the JCPA/ICPA-Forum before the 2023 Fall Research Conference. The committee reviewed the conference papers eligible for the award. The criteria for assessment will be based on a wide spectrum as identified in Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis' Statement of Aims and Scope. If a suitable candidate is found, the committee will announce its selection before the Fall Conference.

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2022 Award Winner

Immigration, Government Type, and Social Welfare Spending by Hang Qi, University of Missouri

2021 Award Winner

Life-Cycle Dynamics and Developmental Processes in Collaborative Partnerships: Examples from four watersheds in the U.S. by Mark T. Imperial, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

2020 Award Winner

The Political Development of Public Policy - Political Controversy, Partisanship, and Health Care for the Poor: A Comparative Analysis of U.S. Policies, 1965-1989 by Emily Parker, Cornell University. 

2019 Award Winners

Empowering Women in South Asia’s informal settlements: The Challenges of Environmental Degradation, by Amit Patel, University of Massachusetts Boston; Hina Lotia, LEAD Pakistan; Ammar A. Malik, Urban Institute; Marcia D. Mundt, University of Massachusetts Boston; Hyunjung Lee, University of Massachusetts Boston; Muhammad Arshed Rafiq, LEAD Pakistan

Are We Digging in the Wrong Place? Age, Period, and Cohort Explanations for Changing Crime Rates, by William Spelman, University of Texas at Austin

No award was given in 2017 and 2018. 

2016 Award Winner

Toward a Comparative Analysis of Labour Administration Systems, by Jason Heyes, Work, Organisation & Employment Relations Research Centre, Sheffield University Management School, United Kingdom

2015 Award Winners

Independent Professional Bureaucracies and Street-Level Corruption: Evidence from Latin America, by Laura Langbein, American University and Pablo Sanabria, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali, Colombia

2014 Award Winners

Global Expansion of Renewable Energy Generation: An Analysis of Policy Instruments, by Sanya Carley, Jennifer Brass, Elizabeth Baldwin, and Lauren M. MacLean, Indiana University