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APPAM Volunteer Opportunities and Resources

Looking to get involved with APPAM but don't know where to start? Serving as a volunteer for APPAM is a great way to grow professionally, build relationships with peers across the country and develop leadership skills. With so many high-quality proposals to review, committees to oversee, and expert content to deliver, we rely on help from our community to keep our conferences and content top-notch and running smoothly. 

The opportunities below are split into two categories: Fall Conference and General Opportunities. Please note that these opportunities are ordered by the date the form closes as this page will be regularly updated. If you do NOT see a link, the form has not yet been opened. Reviewers will be chosen on a first come, first served basis and signing up for the below opportunities does not guarantee participation.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering and we hope to work with you soon!

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Fall Conference Volunteer Opportunities Dates of Service
Program Committee Chairs & Reviewers Spring & Summer 2023
Session Chairs & Discussants November 2023
Onsite Logistics November 2023
Onsite Communications November 2023
Onsite Poster Judges November 2023


General Volunteer Opportunities Dates of Service
Equity & Inclusion Fellowship Reviewers July 2023
Community Chairs Ongoing
PhD Dissertation Award Reviewers August 2023
Mentors Ongoing
Entrepreneurship Policy Fellowship Reviewers August 2023
Committee Ongoing
Webinar & Podcasts Ongoing


Fall Conference Volunteer Opportunities

Program Committee Chairs & Reviewers

Each year, APPAM receives over 2,000 proposals for the Fall Conference. We need volunteers to review each proposal in a timely manner and take into careful consideration the conference theme, policy area relevance, and more. 

Chairs: Each policy area has one to three assigned chairs to lead the review team. These individuals are responsible for communicating deadlines, review structure, and making the final recommendations to the President-Elect. This role is more time consuming than the reviewer because you must take reviewer scores into consideration in order to rank their recommended sessions and posters, build panels from single papers, then fill session chairs and discussants for these new panels.

Reviewers: Reviewers will be assigned a set number of submissions to review and grade on a five criteria, in addition to providing comments that will help guide the policy area chairs in their final recommendations. The number of submissions depends on the size of the policy area and the number of reviewers for that year. 

Date Closed: CLOSED

Time Commitment: 

  • Chairs: 10 hours in Spring & Summer 2023
  • Reviewers: 2-5 hours in April - May 2023


Session Chairs & Discussants

Chairs are crucial to sessions. They monitor paper progress before the meetings and encourage timely distribution of session papers to all discussant(s). Discussants play a critical role in determining the quality of audience participation in the session. Volunteers are needed for these integral roles at our 2023 Fall Research Conference. 

Date Closed: 

Time Commitment: 

  • Chairs - 3 hours per session in November
  • Discussants - 5 hours per session in November, dependent on how many papers and discussants are in your assigned session


Onsite Logistics

This role may include greeting and assisting attendees at registration, replenishing conference supplies, providing directional and line management assistance, conducting session room headcounts, and other duties as assigned. Registration is free for student volunteers who complete 4 hours of service and are active APPAM members.

Date Closed: September 30, 2023

Time Commitment: 4 hours scattered throughout the conference, from November 9-11, 2023


Onsite Communications

Editorial volunteers will be asked to write a 300-500 word blog post on assigned sessions at the 2023 Fall Research Conference. Social Media volunteers will be asked to live-tweet sessions. Registration is free for student volunteers who complete 4 hours of service and are active APPAM members.

Date Closed: September 30, 2023

Time Commitment: 4 hours scattered throughout the conference, from November 9-11, 2023


Onsite Poster Judges

At poster sessions, presenters will be asked to discuss their work and answer questions during each poster session. A first, second, and third pace winner will be selected from the presenters each day. Judges are needed onsite to review the appearance, content and in-person presentation of the poster sessions. 

Date Closed: September 30, 2023

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours on Friday, November 10 or Saturday, November 11, 2023


General Volunteer Opportunities


Equity & Inclusion Fellowship Reviewers

Review applications for the 2023 student and young professional cohorts. Volunteers would need to review CV's, letters of recommendation.

Date Closed: June 2, 2023

Time Commitment: 4-6 hours per reviewer


Community Chairs

APPAM Communities are virtual and physical communities, based on some element/idea around which community can be created. There are five current communities that need chairs, LQBTQ+ Researchers, BIPOC in Public Policy, First-Gen Researchers, Early Career Professionals and Women in Economics. Chairs will run the online communities, recruit new members, create conversations and connections online and help all members contribute, etc.

Date Closed: 

Time Commitment: 8-10 hours throughout the year

PhD Dissertation Award Reviewers

The purpose of this award is to recognize emergent scholars in the field by presenting an award for the best PhD dissertation in public policy and management. Volunteers are needed to review nominations and choose the the 2023 award recipient.

Date Closed: 

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours in late July to late August

APPAM Mentors

The APPAM Mentor Matching Program began in 2016 by the APPAM Student Activities Committee as a means to better serve the APPAM student member population. What started out as an informal speed mentoring program has now grown to dozens of one-on-one mentor/mentee pairings between policy academics, researchers, and practitioners and student members. We encourage both students and professional members in the program to connect and expand their professional networks throughout the year and beyond.

Date Closed: 

Time Commitment: 5 hours throughout the year


Entrepreneurship Policy Fellowship Reviewers

APPAM, with support from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, will offer classes for students to explore the relationship between public policy and the entrepreneurial environment. Topics covered will include how public policies affect the business environment and economics and how program structures and frameworks can and should take the entrepreneurial perspective into account. APPAM is in need of volunteers to review applications for the 2023 cohort. 

Date Closed: 

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours 

Webinar & Podcasts Proposals

APPAM is looking for member-generated content! The webinars, hosted by APPAM, range from topical policy issues, career development, to ways to make the most out of your APPAM membership. Present a webinar or be featured on a podcast with experts to discuss your research or policy expertise.

Date Closed: Ongoing

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours


APPAM Committee Members

APPAM has several committees through which it accomplishes the work of the association as laid out in the 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan. Committees meet throughout the year virtually and the chairs of each committee report on the activities of their committees at each of the two annual Policy Council Meetings. The committees work in conjunction with APPAM staff throughout the year to achieve goals set out in the Strategic Plan. They are comprised exclusively of Policy Council members and are not open to non-Policy Council members at this time.

Date Closed: Ongoing

Time Commitment: 4 hours throughout the year




Questions about volunteer opportunities should be directed to