Retired Membership

APPAM Membership is more than attending a conference. 


It's a highly-experienced network of academics, researchers, practitioners, and students.

It's being on the cutting edge of policy analysis and management topics that affect everyone engaged with research.

It's a community dedicated to improving public policy and management by fostering excellence in the field.




Retired Membership Benefits

APPAM Retired Memberships are available to all professionals who have retired from the field of public policy and public affairs but want to stay engaged. An APPAM membership ensures that you are on the cutting edge of policy analysis and management issues that affect all policy professionals.


Stay Involved with a Community of Peers

Volunteer Positions: Stay engaged and make a difference with APPAM! With so many high-quality proposals to review, committees to oversee, and expert content to deliver, we rely on help from our community to keep our conferences and content top-notch and running smoothly. 

Mentor Matching Program: Retired Members are encouraged to participate in the Mentor Matching Program as mentors. What started out as an informal speed mentoring program has now grown to dozens of mentor/mentee pairings between policy academics, researchers, and practitioners and student members using our new and advanced software, Qooper. 

Podcasts & Webinars: All members have access to our library of professional development podcasts and webinars. Topics include tips for presenting at academic conferences, interview prep, faculty position negotiation, and deep-dives on relevant policy topics. As a retired member, you also have the opportunity (and are encouraged!) to share your own expertise and submit a proposal.

Showcase Your Research: APPAM is always on the lookout for great member research to highlight! We can help you promote your recent work via social media, the monthly Update newsletters, and on the APPAM blog. We also encourage members to submit work to the Annual Fall Research Conference. 

APPAM Communities: Participate in one of our five APPAM Communities. These groups meet virtually and in-person based on an element or idea such as religion, research type, geography and more. These Communities provide invaluable opportunity for connection and guidance from seasoned APPAM members. Additionally, APPAM members have the opportunity to submit a proposal for new communities. 

E-ListsAPPAM strives to provide members with access to a broad collection of tools, content, practical resources, and a smart and vibrant community of peers via the E-List Member Forum Communities. These groups serve as a platform to solicit the advice of your peers, benefit from their experience, and participate in ongoing conversations.

Membership Directory: This members-only institutional and individual member database allows you to search for colleagues based on location, research topic, and member type. Did you meet someone at the last conference you attended? Many members build future research collaborations by connecting via the directory.

Update Newsletter: Stay up-to-date with APPAM info, policy news and more opportunities with our monthly APPAM newsletter.

Registration Discounts: Members have access to reduced registration rates for all APPAM Conferences.

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM): Members receive a complimentary subscription to JPAM. This includes digital access to JPAM Online with additional search and advanced article release features. 

Voting and Nominations: Members have voting privileges in all APPAM elections, are eligible for nomination to the Policy Council, and can nominate colleagues to the Policy Council.


Membership Dues & How to Join

APPAM bills individuals for their annual dues renewals on a monthly basis. Members receive a request to renew their membership three months before scheduled expiration. For example, if you join APPAM in March, you will receive your first renewal request the following January.

Join today for $45 for the year!