World Citizen Prizes in Environmental Performance

About the Award

Beginning with our 2019 conference in Denver, APPAM awards the World Citizen Prizes in Environmental Performance at the Annual Fall Research Conference. Granted by David and Joy K. Peyton, the award recognizes research that assesses pathways to achieve measurable but as-yet unrealized gains in overall environmental performance, in particular to reduce consumption and waste.  The research may be based on the United States or any other country or countries.

2020 Recipient

Sanya_CarleyThe Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) is pleased to announce that awarded the new World Citizen Prize in Environmental Performance, in its second year, to Professor Sanya Carley of the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University.

“Writings about global climate disruption concentrate on what needs to be done,” observed donor and prize committee member David Peyton. “Dr. Carley has called attention to the who and the how, as a supplement to the what.  What we can scarcely afford,“ he continued, “is a division between objective analysis of our current conditions and needed remediation, on the one hand, and advocacy for disadvantaged people on the other. People, that is, who bear either an unfair share of today’s pollution, or the costs of transition to a clean-energy economy.”

“Sanya Carley has taken a lead in addressing justice and equity considerations using a serious academic lens,” added professional peer and committee member Daniel Matisoff of the Georgia Institute of Technology. “Her research has become highly influential in this literature.”

“The massive decarbonization that the world economy so badly needs is unlikely to happen if many people are against it,” noted Peyton. “The series of publications led by Dr. Carley demonstrates how to understand and manage this transition from a human perspective.” The award carries a stipend of $2,500. Since the #2020APPAM Fall Research Conference took place online, a virtual presentation on Wednesday, November 11, during the Awards and Opening Plenary substituted for the customary in-person award.

Previous Recipients

2019 - Dr. Nathan Hultman, University of Maryland School of Public Policy, and Dr. Gregory Nemet, University of Wisconsin–Madison La Follette School of Public Affairs.


Award recipients are selected by a diverse review committee based on nominations submitted to the APPAM office. Nominations should be made via email to Tristanne Staudt tstaudt@appam.org. They should include the researcher's CV, a letter detailing why the researcher is applying for the award, and a recommendation letter from someone familiar with the research by August 30. Recipients must meet the following requirements:

  • The work should recognize research that assesses pathways to achieve measurable but as-yet unrealized gains in overall environmental performance, in particular to reduce consumption, waste, and global warming.
  • The work may be published research, a Master thesis, or a Ph.D. dissertation as long as it was created within the last two calendar years of the award calendar year. For instance, the November 2020 award will accept work from as early as 2018.

Award Terms

Up to two World Citizen Prizes in Environmental Performance can be granted each year. The annual award winner(s) will each receive the following at the APPAM Annual Fall Research Conference:

  • A $2,500 prize in the form of a check made out to the winner.
  • Up to $500 in travel funds supporting attendance at the APPAM Annual Fall Research Conference.
  • A plaque with the award title, description, their name, and the year.
  • Recognition at an awards event at the conference.