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Institutional Member Forums were created to help better connect the worlds of research and policy. APPAM is requesting proposals from its institutional members to host future forums. Both the host and APPAM would jointly determine the topic of the forum. The forums/webinars will be free of charge to attendees/participants.

The host would be responsible for creating the content for the forum (once both parties have agreed upon a theme), all forum schedules and deadlines, soliciting all speakers, securing meeting space for the forum, providing any AV equipment that is necessary to stage the forum, providing for meals and refreshments, printing of name badges for forum attendees and for providing any materials necessary for attendees during the course of the forum. The host shall also commit to promoting the forum, and providing APPAM with a contact list for promotion and for working with APPAM to create a plan for hosting the foru m as a simultaneous webinar. The webinar would be featured prominently on APPAM’s website and be offered after the forum as member’s only content.

APPAM will be responsible for disseminating and posting information about the forum, including but not limited to: announcement of the request for proposals, announcement of the agreed upon co-sponsor, date, location and topic, operation of the online registration system, promotion of registration to its members and networks, publishing of information about hotel and travel arrangements, if necessary, and providing a list of attendees. APPAM shall provide the software necessary for hosting the forum as a webinar. APPAM also shall be the primary point of contact for all forum participants.

Both APPAM and the institutional host will be referred to as co-sponsors of the forum.

Proposals will only be accepted from institutional members in good standing. APPAM’s goal is to have four to six forums a year and RFP’s will be accepted on a rolling basis. A proposal should include the following:

  • Topic suggestions
  • Location suggestions, including capacity threshold for in person attendance
  • Suggested date/time
  • Plan for providing audio-visual and refreshments
  • Proposed plan for offering the forum as a simultaneous webinar

**Proposals incorporating practitioners as speakers or participants in a forum are strongly encouraged.**

If you are submitting a proposal for a future forum, you can do so at any time. Please send the proposal via e-mail to  Tara Sheehan, Executive Director, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management.

Download full proposal guidelines (PDF format)

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