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APPAM Public Policy Camps

About our Policy Camps

To increase the pipeline of diverse students into APPAM institutional member graduate public policy and public affairs schools, as well as introduce the field of public policy to a group of students who might not otherwise be familiar with it, APPAM created the Public Policy Camp program for undergraduate students in 2017. Hosted by APPAM institutional members, the camps are designed to show promising, underrepresented undergraduates that have shown a proclivity towards policy what a career in the policy world might look like.

To date, there have been eight camps across the country, attended by almost 500 undergraduate participants. Below are some recent events.

Hosting the camp is a great opportunity to:

  • Meet and network with a promising group of underrepresented undergraduates that are interested in graduate school in public policy or public affairs.
  • Promote the field of public policy and public affairs.
  • Show off your campus, faculty and program to potential students.

The 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 call for proposal has closed and will reopen in early 2025. For more info, please email

Upcoming Public Policy Camps:

September 29, 2023