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APPAM Public Policy Camps

APPAM Public Policy Camps

What are Public Policy Camps?

APPAM's Public Policy Camps were created to introduce public policy to undergraduate students who might not otherwise be familiar with the field. These camps are held in conjunction with APPAM Institutional Member graduate public policy and public affairs schools, and are designed to show promising, underrepresented undergraduate students that have shown a proclivity towards policy what a career in the policy world might look like. Programs are typically one day and consist of a diverse panel of professionals, breakout activities, and lunch or an ice cream social. 

Upcoming Public Policy Camps

NORC and the University of Chicago (September 27, 2024)
Indiana University (Friday, October 25, 2024)

Cornell University/Syracuse University (September 19, 2025)

University of California, Los Angeles (Fall 2025)
University of Washington (Spring 2025)

University of Missouri (Spring 2025)


Past Public Policy Camps

Over 500 undergraduate participants have attended Public Policy Camps. Here are some of our most recent events:
2023: Georgia State University and University at Albany - State University of New York
2022: Penn State Harrisburg
2019: University of Maryland, Baltimore County and American University
2018: Syracuse University and University of California Riverside

Interested in Hosting a Public Policy Camp?

The call for proposals for the 2026-2027 school year will open in early 2025. For more info, please email