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APPAM, in partnership with Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, produced a series of articles from past issues of the  Journal of Policy Analysis and Management on select topics of interest to researchers and educators in the public policy and management field. These JPAM Classics may be purchased directly from Wiley-Blackwell or through third-party resellers. Additional information about these volumes can be found on the Wiley-Blackwell website, including full listings of each volume's table of contents. The first three JPAM Classics were in print form and the fourth, Public Management, is available electronically on the JPAM Wiley-Blackwell website.

 Poverty, Welfare, and Public Policy 

By Douglas J. Besharov and Douglas M. Call, (ISBN: 978-1-4443-3513-2).

This book is a compilation of seminal articles on poverty and welfare in the United States that would work well as reading for graduate level courses in welfare, poverty, and evaluation. Containing articles from the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, it is considered to be one of the leading forums for the exploration of poverty and welfare and is presented in a single volume. The book presents high-quality research, performed over many years by a wide range of individuals and organizations. It also includes articles on poverty measurement, concentrated poverty, the relative merits of voluntary versus mandatory welfare-to-work policies, welfare dependency, and the impact of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

 Cost-Benefit Analysis and Public Policy 

Edited by David Weimer, University of Wisconsin-Madison (ISBN:9781405190169). Topics include:

  • The Issue of Standing Discounting for Time Risk and the "Value of Life"
  • Non-Use Value as a Benefit Category
  • CBA in Administrative and Legal Context
  • CBA Applications

 Social Experimentation, Program Evaluation, and Public Policy 

Edited by Maureen Pirog, Indiana University and University of Washington (ISBN:9781405193931). Topics include:

  • Social Experiments Versus Quasi-Experiments
  • Randomized Experiments
  • Quasi-Experiments
  • Meta-Analyses
  • Implementation, Performance Management, and Program Impacts
  • Ethics and Human Subjects
  • The Use of Program Evaluations by Policy Makers

 Public Management 

Edited by Lawrence E. Lynn, Jr., The University of Texas at Austin, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management © 2011 by the Association for Public Policy and Management. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Topics include:

  • Evolution of the Field
  • Research: Empirical/Qualitative/Case-Based
  • Research: Essays
  • Insights
  • Symposia
  • The State of the Art
  • Provide Creative Leadership to the Field

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JPAM issues Special Calls for Proposals that are typically published in our newsletters, the APPAM Update, and on our blog. The most recent Special Calls are for Research at the Vanguard of Public Management and Policy Implementation.

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