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JPAM Refereeing Awards

JPAM Editor, Erdal Tekin wrote in his  first blog post about the importance of referees:

Objective and careful review service by referees is perhaps the most critical component of the scientific review process. At the same time, it is often a thankless job and so many of us continue to accept review invitations out of a sense of professional duty and nothing else. I believe it is important to recognize the importance of refereeing service and to promote efficient and high quality reviews. I am introducing annual awards for “Excellence in Refereeing.” Under this new award system, three reviewers at all career stages, who demonstrate excellence in terms of quality and efficiency of their refereeing for the journal, will be awarded $500 each and receive a letter of commendation.


The 2023 winners of the JPAM Excellence in Refereeing Awards are:

Patrick Callery (University of Vermont)
Katelyn Heath (University of Houston)
Jessica Pac (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

The 2022 winners of the JPAM Excellence in Refereeing Awards are:

Erin Todd Bronchetti (Swarthmore College)
Lindsey Bullinger (Georgia Tech)
Barton Willage (University of Colorado Denver)

The 2020 winners of the JPAM Excellence in Refereeing Awards are:

Amy Farrell (Northeastern University)
Jennifer Heissel  (Naval Postgraduate School)
Eric Chan (Babson College)

The 2019 Inaugural winners for the JPAM Excellence in Refereeing Awards are:

Stéphane Lavertu (Ohio State University)
Emily Owens (University of California-Irvine)
Lesley Turner (University of Maryland)