Policy Field Distinguished Contribution Award

The Policy Field Distinguished Contribution Award is meant to honor persons who have made significant and long-term contributions to the development of and growth of Public Policy Analysis and Management as a field. Such contributions can include (but are not limited to) critical or path-breaking research, core textbooks, substantial contribution to actual policymaking, significant contribution to APPAM as an organization, and significant contribution to JPAM. While not a lifetime achievement award, the purpose of this award is to recognize those who have sustained and contributed to our relatively young field over many years. This award may not be given posthumously. 

The review committee will be appointed by the APPAM President at the beginning of each year. They will be tasked with reviewing all applications and selecting that year’s recipient. 

The recipient will be recognized in some manner at the conference and will receive a plaque. At minimum the recipient will be honored either at the Membership and Awards Breakfast or the Presidential Address, but an acceptance speech or lecture is not required. If space permits at a particular conference, and depending on the scope of the recipient’s work, a concurrent session may be offered.

Nominations for 2022 are now closed. Applications for 2023 will open in late spring. 


2022 Policy Field Distinguished Contribution Award Winner









Samuel Myers Jr. 
Professor at Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs 
University of Minnesota

Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota professor, Samuel Myers Jr. has been selected to receive the Policy Field Distinguished Contribution Award for his contributions to the field of public policy analysis and management. He is an accomplished scholar who has contributed significantly to the study of racial disparities and social justice among other topics in policy analysis. He has published 10 books, over 90 peer-reviewed academic articles, and has served on several external committees including those for the National Academy of Public Administration and the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Science Advisory Board. Additionally, he has contributed to policymaking by providing expert witness testimony, litigation support and serving as a consultant to policymaking groups such as the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, the FTC, and more. 

Myers has previously served as President and Vice President for APPAM (1997-2001), served the APPAM Policy Council (1983-1986), and sat on the editorial board of the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM). Myers will receive a plaque and recognition for his accomplishments at APPAM's upcoming 2022 Annual Fall Research Conference in Washington D.C. this fall. 

Learn more about his accomplishments here.

Prior Recipients

David Weimer
Edwin E. Witte Professor of Political Economy
LaFollette School of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Madison