2020 Fall Conference

#2020APPAM Virtual Fall Conference Coverage

Check out our coverage page of the 42nd Annual Fall Research Conference

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Introducing the 2020 APPAM Equity & Inclusion Fellows

Find out who our 20 Fellows are, and how the Fellowship is different during the Virtual Fall Conference

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cell tower

Cell Mobility Data Webinar 12/02

On December 2, APPAM invites you to a webinar on cellular mobility data, in the context of the COVID19 pandemic

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Racial Justice Event

Racial Justice and Graduate Education: What Are You Doing and What Could You Do?

On October 7th, APPAM hosted a special virtual event with Institutional Members and Students to discuss inequality initiatives and much more.

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APPAM Resources, Data, and Research Collaboration Hub

Join the APPAM Resources, Data, and Research Collaboration Hub, created to bring together APPAM members, researchers and practitioners, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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APPAM Mission

APPAM is dedicated to improving public policy and management by fostering excellence in research, analysis and education.

Conferences & Events

  • cell_mobility_event
    (03:30 PM - 04:30 PM)
    December 02, 2020

    WEBINAR: Cellular Mobility Data: What is it and How Can It be Used for Research

    APPAM invites you to a Webinar on Cellular Mobility Data, as it relates to the COVID19 pandemic. The ability to track how millions of people move during throughout the day provides researchers, policy analysts, and policy makers with new ways to evaluate the effects of public policies.
  • Policy_Analysis_Webinar
    (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
    February 18, 2021

    WEBINAR: Defining Policy Analysis

    Webinar based on the book Defining Policy Analysis by past APPAM President Beryl A. Radin. The panel will feature the current APPAM President and four past APPAM Presidents who will ponder the history and evolution of policy analysis. Join us for the conversation.


APPAM formally was created at a May 1979 conference at Duke University by representatives of 15 policy schools and research institutes. Within a few years, APPAM evolved into a unique association of both individual and institutional members with an elected leadership and Policy Council (the Association's board of directors). The first APPAM Fall Research Conference occurred in 1979 in Chicago.


Latest News

  • FRC_42_640_360-100
    11/13/2020 9:54:00 AM

    #2020APPAM Blog: LGBTQI+ Well-Being

    Just like in previous years, students, an important part of APPAM's membership, are writing blog posts in which they recap the Super Sessions they attended. Vanderbilt University, Education PhD Student, Walt Ecton writes about Understanding the Well-Being of Well-Being of LGBTQI+ Populations.

What Members Say


The annual APPAM Conference is a gathering of accomplished scholars, practitioners, and students with a goal of disseminating and cross-pollinating cutting-edge research in relevant public policy topics. If you are interested in learning about and presenting your research on public policy topics, it is a must-go conference. Count me in!

Abe Song, PhD Student, George Mason University