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2023 Professional Development Series



APPAM's Professional Development Virtual Series brought together policy experts to explore relvant topics in the field including best practices, the latest research, navigating challenges in the field, tips for starting your career, and more. These one-hour webinars ran from August through October. The public recordings will available through December 2023. Afterwards, APPAM members can access the recordings from their APPAM membership profile in the webinar library.                                                                                

Lessons Learned for Navigating the Job Market

Thursday, August 17 at 2:00 pm ET

Searching for a job can be daunting. Where do you begin? Do you need to build a website?  How do you decide if academia is for you? What happens when you land an interview? What should you do post interview? In this webinar, panelists who have gone through the hiring process will discuss topics on how to navigate the job market post-graduation and lessons learned to make your job search a bit easier.

If you have additional questions, please contact the speakers below. 




Tolani Britton
University of California, Berkeley




Sebawit_bishu Kim
Sebawit Bishu
University of Washington 
Kimberly Clum
Department of Health
and Human Services


WilliamT.Jackson_AU08-31-22_2 alex_osei-kojo_update Walter_Campbell
William Jackson 
American University
Alex Osei-Kojo
University of Tennessee,
Walter Campbell
Abt Associates




Building a Network: How to Gain the Most from Your Mentee/Mentor Relationships

Tuesday, August 29 at 12:00 pm ET

Navigating graduate school is challenging, and cultivating and sustaining a set of mentorship relationships with faculty and other experts in your field can help guide your professional path. While traditional faculty-mentee relationships are one of the most important aspects to graduate student success, there are many reasons graduate students should have multiple types of mentors in their networks. This webinar will consist of a panel of graduate student mentees as well as faculty and senior professionals who have served as mentors, and is intended to help students make the most of their mentoring relationships while also helping mentors learn tools to help them meet the needs of their student mentees. This webinar will discuss strategies graduate students can use to make informed decisions in selecting and identifying potential mentors, as well as tips for mentees and mentors to create proactive and effective mentorship relationships.




Lily Nienstedt
Vanderbilt University



Joanne_Golan_Updated Candace_Updated
Joanne Golan
Vanderbilt University

Candace Hamilton Hester
American Institutes
for Research


Mustafa_Hussein_updated Diana Karla_Raiz-Anaya_Photo
Mustafa Hussein
City University of New York
Diana Quintero Castellanos
Vanderbilt University

Karla Raiz-Anaya
University of California,



Writing for Non-Academic Audiences to Communicate Research Findings and Policy Implications

Wednesday, September 6 at 12:00 pm ET 

This session will touch on writing for non-academic formats, such as policy briefs, advocacy reports, and blog posts, as well as strategies for dissemination. Join three three experts who will share tips, best practices, and advice for improving the accessibility of research findings for non-academic audiences. We will also learn about dissemination channels, such as who to contact at organizations that publish non-academic reports and how to get the word out through social media. ​






Ellie Terry
University of Washington



Megan_Curran Anne_Hilgar Richard_Reeves
Megan Curran
Center for Poverty and
Social Policy
Anne Hilgar
World Bank
Richard Reeves
The Brookings Institute



Making the APPAM Conference Work for You

Tuesday, October 17 at 1:00 pm ET

APPAM's Annual Fall Research Conference is exciting, with hundreds of sessions, countless networking opportunities, and many other ways to engage with academics and policy practitioners. Still, it can be daunting to navigate as a first-time attendee. This session will offer helpful advice for first-time attendees to make the most of the fall research conference. A panel of presenters will discuss how to search for people and sessions, build your conference schedule, review which companies and organizations will be present, and set goals for your first conference.



Jessica Geiger
Claremont Graduate University



Kitt_2 Hortense Becky-Rafter_small1
Kitt Carpenter
Vanderbilt University and APPAM President
Hortense Minishi 
University of Minnesota

Becky Rafter
Georgia Institute of Technology