Fall Conference Poster Session Awards

The APPAM Policy Council approved creation of this award on March 30, 2007. There is no external funding for this award and the recipients do not receive cash prizes.

APPAM seeks to reward and encourage excellence in research by new/emerging scholars as represented among the poster sessions delivered at the Annual Fall Research Conference.

Up to three poster presentations will be recognized each year through this award. The presenters of the winning poster sessions each will receive a custom prize ribbon created specifically for the award. 

All poster sessions presented at the Fall Research Conference will be eligible for the award provided that they are presented in person during one of the three poster sessions.

A selection committee of three people will be appointed by APPAM to review the posters on display at the conference, attend the poster presentations, and, at the conclusion of the presentations, select up to three posters to receive the award, one per poster session.

Previous Recipients

2018 Fall Research Conference

Thursday, November 8

First placeMaking Intergroup Contact 'Work': Reducing Bias through Effective Workplace Diversity Programs,Sean Darling-Hammond, University of California, Berkeley
Second placeCalifornia's Proposition 47: How Did This Reduction in Penalties for Lower-level Drug and Porperyt Offenses Affect Incarceration Levels and Recidivism Rates, Mia Bird, Public Policy Institute of California
Third placeThe Economic Effects of Facebook, Roberto Mosquera, Texas A&M University

Saturday, November 10

First placeBaby's Gone: The Effects of Increased Sentencing Severity on Fertility and Family Formation, Siobhan M. O'Keefe, University of California, Davis
Second place SNAP Benefit Amount, Negative Net Income, and Food Insecurity: A Regression Kink Analysis , Sabrina Young, University of Illinois, Chicago
Third place: The Impact of NCLB Waivers on Student Achievement Gaps, Bryant Gregory Wagner, New York University

2017 Fall Research Conference

Thursday, November 2

First placeDoes Initiating Tobacco Use with Flavored Products Predict Current Smoking Status? An Examination by Race, Gender, and Sexual IdentityShannon Lea Watkins and Wendy Max, University of California, San Francisco
Second placeMeasuring Risk and Variation in Household Social Determinants of Health, Michele Abbott, Gery Ryan, RAND Corporation; Luther Brewster, Florida International University
Third placeProviding In-Kind Food Transfers to Low-Income Households in Urban India: Results from an Evaluation of the Public Distribution System (PDS) in Chhattisgarh, Raghav Puri, Syracuse University 

Friday, November 3

First place Gender Discrimination in the Decision to Convict Mark Hoekstra and Brittany Street, Texas A&M University
Second place Race and Reporting: A New Approach to Estimating the Effect of Student-Teacher Race Congruence on Disciplinary Infractions David Woo and Erica Harbatkin, Vanderbilt University
Third place Modern Disintegration: The Effects of School Resegregation on Neighborhood Property Values and Foreclosure Rates Rayven Plaza, Columbia University

Saturday, November 4

First placeIs Socioeconomic Status a Barrier to Nonresidential Father’s Involvement with Their Children? Evidence from Survey and Administrative Data, Angela Maria Guarin Aristizabal, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Second place Real-World Challenges to Randomization and Their Solutions , Kenya Heard, J-PAL North America, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Third place Ready for Kindergarten? School Readiness Measurement and Outcomes , Kirby A. Chow, SRI International

2016 Fall Research Conference

Thursday, November 3

First place Time Use of Teleworkers: Does Workplace Flexibility Decrease Work-Life Conflict? Christine Coyer and Rachel Dunifon, Cornell University
Second place Returning to Schooling: Educational Production Following Local Labor Market Downturns Andrew Foote, U.S. Census Bureau and Michel Grosz, University of California, Davis
Third place Linking Records Across Administrative Datasets: Can GIS Geocoding Help? Randall Juras, Abt Associates

Friday, November 4

First placeInvestigating the Impact of Unemployment on Arrests for Individuals at the Margin: Evidence from Ex-Offenders Seeking Work in New York State, Garima Siwach, University at Albany - SUNY
Second place The Relationship Between State-Level Policies Restricting Abortion and State-Level Abortion Rates Danielle Atkins, University of Tennessee, Vicky Wilkins, American University, and Daniel L. Fay, Florida State University
Third place Revenue Complexity Vs. Revenue Diversification: A New Empirical Approach to an Old Debate Cole Rakow, University of Kentucky

Saturday, November 5

First place Effects of Losing Public Health Insurance on Healthcare Access, Utilization and Health Outcomes: Evidence from the TennCare Disenrollment , D. Sebastian Tello-Trillo, University of Virginia
Second place Prisoner Social Networks: Patterns Observed in Longitudinal Visitation Data Audrey Hickert, University at Albany - SUNY
Third place Faith, Poverty, and Place: Congregations and the Geography of Poverty in the US Jessica Gillooly, University of Michigan and Scott Allard, University of Washington

2015 Fall Research Conference

Thursday, November 12

First place Obesity, Carbonated Soft Drink Prices and Water Shortages Patricia Ritter, University of Chicago
Second place Access to Early Childhood Services for Young Children Experiencing Homelessness Staci M. Perlman and Sara H. Shaw, University of Delaware
Third place Sex, Drug, and Births: How Changes in International Provision of Contraceptive Supply Affect Fertility in Zambia Jennifer Shen, Duke University

Friday, November 13

First place Sampling the Extreme Poor: Notes from a Systematic and Venue-Based Study , Elizabeth Talbert, Kathryn Edin, Andrew Cherlin and Robert Francis, Johns Hopkins University
Second place Desa Siaga: An Evaluation of an Innovative Program to Promote Safe Motherhood in Indonesia Amy R. Finnegan, Duke University
Third place Multi-Year Analysis of Evidence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Outcomes in Missouri Tori Rockwell, Colleen Heflin, Jake Cronin and Ashley Price, University of Missouri

Saturday, November 14

First place The Effect of Subway Access on School Choice Luis Andres Herskovic and Sebastian Gallegos, University of Chicago
Second place Accountability, Schools and Student Discipline: Accountability and Its Influence on High-School Suspension Rates E. Christine Baker-Smith, New York University
Third place The Impact of Adjunct Instructors on College Student Academic and Labor Market Outcome Xiaotao Ran and Di Xu, Columbia University

2014 Fall Research Conference

Thursday, November 6

First placeObtaining Experimental Evidence Regarding the Effectiveness of Interventions Intended to Support the Success of Freshman STEM Undergraduates, Marvin Mandell, Lisa Dickson, Dave Marcotte, and Kenneth Maton, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Second placeTemporary Housing or Permanent Homes? Determinants of Tenure Among Public Housing Residents, Prentiss Dantzler, Rutgers University
Third placeFamily Formation and Urban Flight, Marvin Ward, Ginger Moored, and Lori Metcalf, DC Office of Revenue Analysis
Honorable Mentions
Color and the Classroom: Publicolor as a Case Study for the Impacts of Design on Engagement and Learning, Kate Schwartz and Elise Cappella, New York University
Racial Demographic Change and Municipal Lawmaking: A Test of Racial Threat Theory in Estimating the Risk of the Enactment of a Juvenile Curfew Ordinance, Portia Allen-Kyle, Rutgers University
The Outsourcing of Federal Regulation: The Case of Food Safety, Jocelyn Johnston and Rebecca Yurman, American University

Friday, November 7

First placeMatching Techniques, Data Characteristics, and Program Access: Evidence from Direct Certification for School Meal Benefits, Quinn Moore, Andrew Gothro, Kevin Conway, and Brandon Kyler, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Second placeGetting inside the Black Box: Using Behavioral Insights to Market a Voluntary Government Program, Randall Juras and Jacob Alex Klerman, Abt Associates, Inc.
Third placeParent's Long-Term Care Needs and Economic Status of Adult Children, Kanika Arora, Syracuse University

Saturday, November 8

First placeShould Students Earn an Associate Degree Before Transferring to a Four-Year Institution, Elizabeth Kopko, Columbia University
Second placeDo Visible Tattoos Affect Recidivism? Kaitlyn Harger, West Virginia University
Third placeCost-Effectiveness in the Context of Budget Restoration: Implementing the Local Control Funding Formula in the Los Angeles Unified School District, David S. Knight, University of Southern California

2013 Fall Research Conference

Thursday, November 7

First placeRemedial Screening Tests, High School Grades, and College Success by Zun Tang and Sarah Truelsch, City University of New York
Second placeImproving the Measurement of STEM Gender and Racial Gaps in the Workforce by Yu-chieh Hsu, Janna E. Johnson, and Javaeria Qureshi, University of Illinois at Chicago
Third placeIs Facebook Making Us Greener? The Roles of Social Connectedness and Web Use in Shaping Conservation Priorities by Evan E. Johnson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Friday, November 8

First placeThe Bracero Program and Effects on Human Capital Investments in Mexico, 1942 - 1964 by Edward Lawrence Kosack, University of Colorado Boulder
Second placeImproving Energy Codes by Accounting for Social Damages by Grant D. Jacobsen, University of Oregon
Third placeCliff Effects in Massachusetts Subsidized Child Care by Graham W. Wright, Brandeis University

Saturday, November 9

First placeAre Increases in Maternal Education Positiver for Everyone? Testing Moderators of the Association Between Increases in Maternal Education and Children's Cognitive and Behavioral Outcomes by Jessica F. Harding and Pamela Morris, New York University
Second placeState Firearm Laws and Firearm Ownership and Safety Practices Among Families of Preschool Age Children by Kate C. Prickett, University of Texas at Austin; Alexa Martin-Storey, Universite de Sherbrooke; and Robert Crosnoe, University of Texas at Austin
Third placeEffect of Facility Security Level on Prison Misconduct: A Regression Discontinuity Design by Sarah Tahamont, University of California, Berkeley