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Previous topics include:

  • Employability skills
  • The 2020 Census
  • Minimum wage policy
  • Food insecurity


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The Wonk

This podcast is looking for: 

  • Relevant and timely policy issues discussed by researchers, practitioners or academics
  • Research on emerging trends in public policy

Let's Grab a Coffee

This podcast is looking for:

  • Casual conversations with policy experts and students including how to unwind, most interesting person they've worked with, etc.
  • Tips and tricks for students



APPAM Webinars

People and Places: Inequality, Migration, Place-Based Economic Development, and Equity
Monday, March 27, 1:30 pm -2:45 pm. ET

In this webinar, academic researchers and applied policy practitioners will discuss the newest thinking on how to address regional inequalities. Speakers will review potential mechanisms for regional equalization, including worker migration and locally-targeted economic development programs (“place-based policies”). We will unpack reasons why migration alone is not sufficient to ensure regional equalization, including factors preventing workers from leaving their current communities, challenges they face entering new ones, and how policy can help. We will then turn to a complementary approach: providing struggling communities with targeted assistance, without requiring their workers to leave. We will discuss cases in which place-based policies appear to encourage economic development, and debate whether these achievements are inherently redistributive. Throughout the webinar, we will ask how policies can be scaled, implemented across contexts, equity-advancing, and sustainable.


Ashley_Orr Daniel_Stock

Ashley E. Orr
Carnegie Mellon University

Daniel Stock
Carnegie Mellon University



Janice_Vanderneck Barb_Ewing Cailin_Ryan_Slattery joanna

Janice Vanderbeck,
Casa San Jose

Barb Ewing,
Business Incubator

Cailin Ryan Slattery,
UC Berkeley Haas

Joanna Venator,
Boston College





Previous APPAM Webinars

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Utility Decision-Making and Public Policy Around Energy Poverty and Insecurity

Monday, September 19, 1-2 p.m. ET

Energy insecurity is defined as the inability to adequately meet the basic energy needs of a household, such as heating and cooling. The Energy Information Administration estimated that in 2020, out of 125.9 million US households, 34 million households had to make serious trade-offs between meeting their basic needs, including food and medicine, and paying their energy bills. Low-income and ethnic minority households are at greater risk of sinking into energy poverty because of spending higher proportions of their income on their energy bills. This webinar presents research that aims to strengthen utility decision-making and public policy around energy poverty and insecurity, particularly among low-income, African-American, and minority communities.



Archived Webinars
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  • Promoting Equity in State and Local Governments (July 2022)
  • Growing the Field of Early Childhood Policy (June 2022)
  • Beyond GDP: Measuring Genuine Progress (March 2022)
  • Conference Submissions: How to Get Accepted (January 2022)
  • Minimum Wage Policy: Impact and Future Direction (October 2021)
  • Immigration Policy - Reshaping U.S. Border and Asylum Policy (August 2021)
  • How to Start Strong with Research-Government Partnerships (June 2021)
  • Food Insecurity, the Child Allowance, and Child Poverty (May 2021)
  • Defining Policy Analysis: A Journey That Never Ends (February 2021)
  • Cellular Mobility Data: What Is It and How Can it Be Used For Research? (December 2020)
  • Eviction and Urban Inequality (September 2020)
  • and many more!



The Wonk Podcast


Wonk_logo1APPAM's Policy Podcast, The Wonk, examines policy issues of today discussed by expert practitioners, researchers, and academics. Episode topics include JPAM featured articles, emerging trends in public policy research, and student preparation for careers in public policy.
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The Wonk, Episode 18: Labor Unions in Public Policy

In this episode of The Wonk, our guest Mandi Spishak-Thomas, PhD Candidate (Columbia University) and union organizer, discusses the role of labor unions in public policy. Specifically, we review the recent resurgence of unions, their depictions in the media, and the influence labor organizing can have on health policy and health inequities. We also take a closer look at the recent organizing efforts led by the Student Workers of Columbia and the results of their historic 10-week labor strike. 



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Let's Grab A Coffee Podcast


The Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management presents Let's Grab A Coffee a podcast recorded by our student members, highlighting an informal conversation with a scholar from the field. Meant to provide a connection between generations of researchers, the podcast also shows the human side of the professionals in public policy analysis and management. Spearheaded by the Student Activities Committee, Let's Grab A Coffee is sure to delight those junior scholars, students and anyone interested in learning about the people behind the research, and maybe even learning a few tips and tricks of the trade. ‚Äč




Episode 5: A Coffee with Tina Fletcher and Dr. Adam Edgerton

In this episode, Tina Fletcher, PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education interviews Dr. Adam Edgerton, DC-based Senior Researcher for the Learning Policy Institute about the intersection between policy, research, and practice, COVID hobbies, and the challenges around the reopening of schools. Tune in to catch Adam's advice for teachers and school leaders preparing for the new school year!