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APPAM is dedicated to improving public policy and management by fostering excellence in research, analysis and education.



APPAM offers three types of membership: Institutional, Individual, and Student.

Why Invest in an APPAM Membership?

Being an APPAM member is more than attending one of our conferences. It’s about joining a highly experienced network of educators, researchers, public policy analysts, and other like-minded individuals and institutions. Networking is critical in today’s world and APPAM provides public policy professionals the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, and share among their peers across a range of specialties, professions, and research circles.

An APPAM member receives information vital to increasing their networking through association updates, annual conferences, and publications like the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM). APPAM strives to keep its members abreast of new public policy initiatives and research, creating opportunities to expand your personal and professional knowledge.

Through the association, members have access to our online directory, providing contacts in a wide range of fields and expertise. At our annual conferencesFall, Spring, and International – members connect with others possessing skills and knowledge that could be vital to future collaborative projects. A variety of educational sessions and expert panels opens doorways to innovation and understanding that can spark the next research idea or support a current study.

Because APPAM is a professional association, membership provides support and recognition to its members. Networking is about sharing, engaging with other members and finding opportunities to strengthen relationships and research. A network that crosses several fields and experiences creates an excellent source of new perspectives and insight. Members, through APPAM, can exchange information on challenges, goals, and ideas that provides valuable understanding on current endeavors.

Joining APPAM is as easy as filling out an online application or downloading one and mailing it in. There are three different types of memberships available: Institutional, Individual, and Student. All three types provide access to the APPAM network of members and conferences. Why wait? Step up your career, enhance your experience, and join your peers in APPAM today.

Membership Questions

Questions And Answers

Why does APPAM have both individual and institutional members?

At the time APPAM was founded in the late 1970s, the plan was for the organization to be predominately an institutional membership association. APPAM would bring together the resources of public policy schools and policy research organizations to support a new conference and a new journal (JPAM). These activities were seen as important professional opportunities for an emerging field of policy and management research. At that time, institutional membership offered a way for the fledgling association to raise the financial resources necessary to launch. Within a few years, the growing body of individual members asked for and achieved a voice in APPAM’s governance, gaining the right to directly elect the Policy Council. Today APPAM continues to attract new institutional members who appreciate the conferences and the journal, lending their support to both.

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Why does APPAM have three different dues rates for professional members?

APPAM’s dues is dictated by a member's salary. In an effort to be sensitive to those members new to the public policy community, APPAM created three tiers of dues, all dependent on a member’s salary.

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How long can a person remain a student member?

A person can remain a student member for 5 years. They must be enrolled at an accredited university in a program of public policy or public affairs to be a student member. A student membership is only $35 annually and includes a subscription to JPAM, the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

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Who votes in the APPAM Policy Council election? Why participate?

All APPAM individual members are eligible to vote in the Council election. Since 2004, the election is held online for one month beginning in the middle of November.

Among the three members selected by the general membership, one will be a self-identified practitioner and the other two slots filled by academic members. (In 2013, the membership voted to reduce the size of the Policy Council from 40 to 29 members by 2017.)

Furthermore, members of the Council often serve on the Fall Conference Program Committee. This means that APPAM members have significant representation on the Council, and the Council itself is involved in APPAM’s most important activities. For these reasons, participation in the Council election is a substantive opportunity for members to determine what the Association does.

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