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International Conferences

The APPAM International Research Conference was developed in an attempt to focus on a specific policy concern shared by many countries, bringing global research and administrations together. The local partners of the host country, in conjunction with APPAM staff and committees, provide the setting for the sharing of comparative research.
The APPAM International Research Conferences attract the best researchers from around the world and covers topical issues in the public policy community. The next conference will be in Mexico City, Mexico in July 2018.  More information about this conference will be posted as soon as it is available. 

Past International Conferences

Public Policy and Governance Beyond Borders; July 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Inequalities: Addressing the Growing Challenge for Policymakers Worldwide; June 2016, London, England

The Decline of the Middle Classes in the Developed World?September 2014, Segovia, Spain

Collaboration Among Government, Market, and Society: Forging Partnerships and Encouraging Competition; May 2013, Shanghai, China

Improving Education through Accountability and Evaluation: Lessons from Around the World; October 2012, Rome, Italy

Improving the Quality of Public Services: A Multinational Conference on Public Management; June 2011, Moscow, Russia

Migration: A World in Motion: A Multinational Conference on Migration and Migration Policy; February 2010, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Environmental Policy: A Multinational Conference on Policy Analysis and Teaching Methods; June 2009, Seoul, South Korea

Asian Social Protection in Comparative Perspective; January 2009, Singapore

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