Spring Conference Agenda


On April 6, 2013, nearly 100 academics, researchers, educators, and analysts attended APPAM’s Spring Conference, Diversity, Equity, & Public Policy. The conference was held at the Marriott Wardman park in Washington, DC, at the height of the city’s Cherry Blossom Festival.

Three sessions covered various aspects of diversity issues in the public policy field, from education programs to the workforce.

In the first session, Different Models of Pipeline Programs to Increase Diversity, panelists discussed efforts of various pipeline programs in the field of economics, a Master’s Program, postdoctoral training, and social programs.

The second session’s panel, Reaction About the Realities of Diversity in Public Policy, included members from the federal government, practitioners, and academia. The presenters shared the realities they face with diversity in educating and hiring public policy graduates and staff. (Download Susan Gooden's cultural audit sheet.)

The final session, Access, Higher Education, and Public Policy, took a look at the future of diversity in higher education. Presenters discussed affirmative action, recent court decisions regarding admissions policies, financial aid, and how these issues continue to impact diversity policies today. (Presenter slideshows are available as PDFs: Cecilia Conrad, Stella Flores, Glen Loury.)

At the end of the conference, attendees filled out a comprehensive survey. The results, compiled by the Association, will help determine what the next steps will be for APPAM with regards to diversity. An action plan for progress will be determined and the Association will continue working with its members to continue discussing and promoting diversity in the field of public policy.

All sessions and presenters were recorded; videos are being posted online at APPAM's YouTube channel. Session summaries and presenter slideshows will be posted on the APPAM website in the coming days, so check our social media outlets and this page for more information.

Conference Sponsor

This year's conewconnections_headernference was sponsored in part by RWJF New Connections, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) with technical assistance and direction provided by OMG Center for Collaborative Learning located in Philadelphia, PA. New Connections is a program of the Building Human Capital portfolio at RWJF which works to develop and retain a diverse, well-trained leadership and workforce in health and healthcare to meet the needs of all Americans. Created in 2005, New Connections is designed to expand the diversity of perspectives that inform RWJF program strategy and introduce new researchers and scholars to the Foundation.

New Connections seeks to increase the exposure of RWJF to researchers and experts that represent historically underrepresented research communities.

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