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Migration Policy and its Global Impacts

Aug 16, 2019 05:36 PM

The Migration Policy and its Global Impacts panel took place at the 2019 APPAM International Conference.​


The Root Causes of Social Inequality and How Policy Leaders Can Change the Narrative

Aug 09, 2019 03:22 PM

Leading Policy Experts Close Out the 4th Annual APPAM International Conference in Barcelona


Five Minutes with Wendy Hunter Barker, Assistant Dean of Academic Programs and Marketing, UC San Diego

Aug 07, 2019 08:13 PM

"In my youth, we moved a lot and I experienced many different states and American subcultures. We often lived with other single-mother families and met a wide variety of people. In my teens, I was fortunate enough to spend a summer in Europe and my love for exploring different cultures was cemented. I knew I wanted to work in a field that allowed me access to people from around the world in a way that promoted the best globalism has to offer."


Pathways Leading STEM: The Role of Attending a Sequence of Racially Diverse Schools

Aug 01, 2019 06:50 PM

This session focused on The Benefits of Linking Health, Social and Education Issues in Policy Making directed by Stephanie Moller of the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.


Historical Redlining and Contemporary Federal Place-based Policy

Aug 01, 2019 05:42 PM

This session focused on Housing for the People: Constructing Equitable and Socially-Just Housing Policy.​


How (Many) Journals Work: A Far From Incomplete Guide for Public Policy/Economics Scholars*

Jul 29, 2019 07:30 PM

In our July Leadership Blog series article, APPAM Vice President Christopher "Kitt" Carpenter shares his insight on the process behind getting published in public policy and economic journals. He breaks down the steps to publication and gives valuable advice from his experience in various editorial roles.


Special Debate: Evidence-Based Public Policy in an Era of Rapid Change

Jul 29, 2019 04:12 PM

The Special Debate held during APPAM’s 2019 International Conference presented an opportunity to discuss the ability of empirical evidence to reliably guide public policy in a rapidly changing world versus the value of other reasoned criteria for policy choice such as constituent views or civic values.​


Crafty Solutions for the World’s Most Wicked Problems

Jul 29, 2019 03:36 PM

APPAM's 2019 International Conference in Barcelona Spain kicked off with the opening plenary on 'Climate and the Ecological Crisis' where Dr. Tom Burke discussed crafty solutions for the world’s most wicked problems.


JPAM Closer Look Author Interview: Christian Gregory and Travis Smith on Salience, Food Security, and SNAP Receipt

Jul 23, 2019 06:30 PM

Household food insecurity status in the United States is ascertained by a battery of closed-ended questions. The authors, Christian A. Gregory and Travis A. Smith, posit that the monthly nature of benefit receipt from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) creates experiences of food hardship, which become salient in the context of SNAP receipt, and, in turn, exert influence on the response to food security questions.


Get Involved with the APPAM Policy Council

Have you ever considered being more involved in APPAM? One of the most rewarding ways to serve the Association is through the Policy Council. APPAM is soliciting its members for nominations to the APPAM Policy Council and for the positions of APPAM President-elect, Vice-President, and Secretary. All terms will begin in 2020.

Results: 704 Articles found.
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