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The Impact of Incentives to Recruit and Retain Teachers in “Hard-to-Staff” Subjects | JPAM Featured Article

Public school teachers are typically paid according to their education level and years of experience, with no differentiation by subject. Given resistance among teachers and unions to explicit pay differentials, states and school districts have frequently sought to mitigate subject-specific shortages by enhancing non-salary compensation, such as educational subsidies. This study estimates the causal impact of loan forgiveness and bonuses on retention of teachers in Florida public schools.


#2015APPAM Student Summary: Student Session: Grant Writing

By YoungJoo Park, PhD Candidate
State University of New York, Albany

This is coverage of one of the four student sessions that were featured at #2015APPAM.

Andrea Conklin Bueschel, Vivian Tseng, and James A Wilson provide valuable tips for academic grant-writing. The panelists shared an overview of the grant writing process for Spencer programs and W.T. Grant Funding, and compared the similarities and differences of academic writing and grant writing.

Spencer programs have fellowships for dissertation, postdoctoral, midcareer awards, and education journalism. The content areas Spencer is interested in include the new civics, philosophy in educational policy and practice, data use and educational improvement, and research-practice partnerships. Small grants are up to $50,000 and Lyle Spencer research awards are up to $1 million.

W.T. Grant Funding values high-quality research on youth ages 5 - 25 in the U.S. They are interested in reducing inequality and improving use of research evidence. The deadlines of inquiry are in January, May, and August. A 4-6 week response time should be expected. Full proposals are selected through both external review and internal review. The primary investigator is responsible for responding to the review. Board of trustees meeting are held in March, June, and October.

Overall, it is important to remember that writing a grant proposal is different from other academic writing. Key points to remember during grant-writing include: (1) you should not over-promise in your proposal; (2) you should avoid "trust me" language; (3) remember that the reviewer is not likely an expert in your field; and (4) consider the role of budget and timeline.


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