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#2020APPAM Submission Deadline Extended

APPAM is extending the deadline to April 24th, in an attempt to provide extra time to prepare proposals, considering the public health context.


Nominate a Student Member For Service on the APPAM Board

When the APPAM bylaws were amended in 2013, two seats for student members of APPAM were created on the Policy Council. The two seats are staggered and the current student member on the Policy Council, David Morar, will complete his term and rotate off the Policy Council at the end of the year. We are looking for a new student to join the Board for a two year term (2018 - 2019).

The student member will be appointed by APPAM President, David Johnson and the Chair of the Committee of Institutional Representatives, Patty Troppe.  

If you have/had a student in one of your programs that you would like to nominate for this position, or if you are a student yourself and would like to serve on the Policy Council, please send one letter of recommendation and a CV to Tara Sheehan, by December 31, 2017. The letter should be from a professor in the program but need not be from the institutional representative.  

Please note:

  • The student needs to be a current member in good standing of APPAM.
  • They need to be a student at the time of appointment but not necessarily throughout their entire 2 year term.
  • They will be a full voting member of the Policy Council upon appointment.  
  • Travel costs and lodging for all Policy Council meetings are taken care of by APPAM. The student is expected to attend all Policy Council meetings.
  • Only current institutional members are able to nominate students.  
  • The appointee will be chosen by mid to late January and will be announced in conjunction with the rest of the Policy Council election results.    

We also created a Student Activities Committee (SAC) in 2015, assembled from nominees to the Policy Council. While these committee members are not on the Board, they are an integral part of all our student activities and play a big role in determining student programming at the Fall Conference, the content for Student Brown Bag events and other student activities. Please consider nominating your best students (or asking one of your professors for a nomination) for both of these positions. You do not need to indicate nominees for each position, we will select the Student Activities Committee members from the pool of nominees for the Board seat. 

If you have questions, please reach out to Tara Sheehan, or 202.496.0130, ext. 25.


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