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The Effects of Federal Adoption Incentive Awards for Older Children on Adoptions from U.S. Foster Care | JPAM Featured Article

When children in foster care cannot be reunified with their parents, adoption is considered a better option for permanent placement over long-term foster care. The federal Adoption Incentives program was established in 1997 to provide annual performance bonuses to states for increases in adoptions from U.S. foster care. This paper uses changes to the Adoption Incentives program in 2003 and 2008 to analyze states’ responses to the federal performance bonuses.



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APPAM founded the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM) in 1981 through the merger of two other journals – Policy Analysis and Public Policy. Wiley-Blackwell (formerly John Wiley & Sons) has published JPAM since 1981. The current contract for publishing JPAM runs until the end of 2019. JPAM is published quarterly and is a peer-reviewed research journal.

The creation of JPAM fulfilled one of the primary reasons for APPAM's existence: the dissemination of the highest quality multidisciplinary research in public policy and management. As the Association's journal of record, JPAM's ultimate purpose is building a professional community of scholars and practitioners devoted to more effective policy analysis and public management. JPAM welcomes unsolicited manuscripts from all sources.

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JPAM is one of the leading journals in the field of public policy and public management. Based on the 2016 Reuters ISI two and five-year impact factors, it is ranked among the top three journals of public administration. In the same year, JPAM was ranked 21st out of 347 economics journals.

JPAM is a highly regarded publication:  in the year of 2015, roughly 275,000 electronic downloads of articles were made. Its reach is international: 35 percent of the downloads were made by researchers from outside the United States. Topics of the most commonly downloaded articles cover a wide range of interests; impacts of online education on student learning, the impact of the No Child Left Behind legislation, the Kyoto Protocol and carbon emissions, decriminalization of marijuana, universal health coverage in Massachusetts and health outcomes, childhood environment and educational outcomes, and the policy implications of food deserts in the United States.

JPAM is under the management of its editor, appointed to a five-year term by the APPAM Policy Council. The editors to date have been the following:

The JPAM editor works with an associate and section editors and an editorial board of 24 persons appointed to fixed, staggered terms. The editorial board advises the editor on matters of policy. Every year APPAM awards the Raymond Vernon Memorial Prize for the best article published in the current volume of JPAM. The prize selection committee usually is drawn from the editorial board, and Wiley underwrites all expenses related to the prize.

The JPAM editor also appoints section editors to manage five special sections in the journal: Point/Counterpoint, Methods for Policy Analysis, Professional Practice, Policy Retrospectives, and Book Reviews. These sections usually publish shorter, specialized articles on those topics.

For JPAM Authors

The JPAM editorial office is located at the University of Connecticut under the current Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Couch. Please review the editorial board for the current section editors.

JPAM reviews and publishes articles under five categories: Feature Research Articles, Point/Counterpoint, Methods for Policy Analysis, Professional Practice, and Policy Retrospectives, as well as Book Reviews. All submissions should follow the JPAM style sheet.

JPAM content covers topics across the entire gamut of public policy interests, domestic and international. Any topic of broad interest to JPAM readers generally will be considered. Examples include: child welfare, child policy education, employment and training, family policy, health, housing and community development, welfare, immigration, international affairs, public finance, public management, regulation, science policy, environmental issues, and research methods (from data collection to analysis).

Submissions should be 30-45 pages in length using double-spaced, 12-point typescript, including references. The page limits apply to the body of text and references, along with tables and figures. No more than two figures should be placed on a single page of a submission. Papers longer than the maximum length will be returned to authors for modification prior to review. All appendices appear online and do not count as part of allowable page totals for submissions but should be included within the same file as the research article following all materials intended for publication.

Articles should be accessible to JPAM's diverse readership and recognize that many may be unfamiliar with the topic at hand.

Feature Research Articles

Authors who wish to submit manuscripts for all sections except Book Reviews should do so electronically in PDF format through Editorial Express.

JPAM strives for quality, relevance, and originality. The editors give priority to articles that relate their conclusions broadly to a number of substantive fields of public policy or that deal with issues of professional practice in policy analysis and public management. Although an interdisciplinary perspective is usually most appropriate, articles that employ the tools of a single discipline are welcome if they have substantive relevance and if they are written for a general rather than disciplinary audience. The editors welcome proposals for articles that review the state of knowledge in particular policy areas.

Point/Counterpoint, Methods for Policy Analysis, Professional Practice, and Policy Retrospectives

Submissions to Point/Counterpoint include short, invited articles that present debates between leading scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers on timely topics that are important for professionals in the public policy and management fields. The Methods for Policy Analysis section includes articles involving methodological innovations and advice for public affairs researchers. Submissions to Professional Practice are short articles that analyze or present ideas about excellent professional practice in policy analysis. The Policy Retrospectives section publishes articles that review and synthesize important areas of policy, research or methodology. The journal will also entertain review articles on research methods (from data collection to analysis).

Book Reviews

Michael A. Shires
Pepperdine University
School of Public Policy
24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA  90263-7490

JPAM Online

The entire run of JPAM from volume 1, issue 1, to the present now is available on-line through Wiley Online Library (WOL). All active APPAM members have access to this collection as a membership benefit. The entirety of JPAM online is also searchable through Google Scholar and other indexing services.

Online Access to JPAM

  • Wiley Online Library (WOL). Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. offers the complete run of JPAM through its online library service. Anyone may access basic information about the journal including article abstracts for free, and also arrange to purchase access to articles on a one-time basis. APPAM members in good standing have free electronic access to the full contents of the journal. APPAM sends members information about how to register at the time that they join or renew their memberships. Registration requires having an active APPAM membership number and a special registration key. If you are a member and have lost this information, please e-mail info@appam.org. Once registered, a member can download and print .pdf versions of all articles published in an issue. Members should not post .pdf files downloaded in this manner on other websites (please contact the APPAM office if you wish to do this). Research libraries with JPAM subscriptions also may offer full electronic access to the journal.

Receiving Content Alerts

Members with access to JPAM can opt to receive email alerts when an article is posted to the Early View system or when a new issue of the Journal is published.

How to sign up for JPAM content alerts

JPAM Classics

APPAM in partnership with Wiley-Blackwell Publishing is producing a series of volumes that collect together articles from past issues of the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management on select topics of interest to researchers and educators in the public policy and management field. These JPAM Classics may be purchased directly from Wiley-Blackwell or through third-party resellers. Additional information about these volumes can be found on the Wiley-Blackwell website, including full listings of each volume's table of contents. The first three JPAM Classics were in print form and the fourth, Public Management, is available electronically on the JPAM Wiley-Blackwell website.

This book is a compilation of seminal articles on poverty and welfare in the United States that would work well as reading for graduate level courses in welfare, poverty, and evaluation. Containing articles from the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, it is considered to be one of the leading forums for the exploration of poverty and welfare and is presented in a single volume. The book presents high-quality research, performed over many years by a wide range of individuals and organizations. It also includes articles on poverty measurement, concentrated poverty, the relative merits of voluntary versus mandatory welfare-to-work policies, welfare dependency, and the impact of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis and Public Policy, edited by David Weimer, University of Wisconsin-Madison (ISBN:9781405190169). Topics include:
    • The Issue of Standing Discounting for Time Risk and the "Value of Life" 
    • Non-Use Value as a Benefit Category 
    • CBA in Administrative and Legal Context 
    • CBA Applications 
  • Social Experimentation, Program Evaluation, and Public Policy, edited by Maureen Pirog, Indiana University and University of Washington (ISBN:9781405193931). Topics include:
    • Social Experiments Versus Quasi-Experiments 
    • Randomized Experiments 
    • Quasi-Experiments 
    • Meta-Analyses 
    • Implementation, Performance Management, and Program Impacts 
    • Ethics and Human Subjects 
    • The Use of Program Evaluations by Policy Makers
  • Public Management, edited by Lawrence E. Lynn, Jr., The University of Texas at Austin, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management © 2011 by the Association for Public Policy and Management. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

    Topics include:
    • Evolution of the Field
    • Research: Empirical/Qualitative/Case-Based
    • Research: Essays
    • Insights
    • Symposia
    • The State of the Art
    • Provide Creative Leadership to the Field
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