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About the Award for Best Dissertation in Public Policy and Management

The Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) seeks to recognize emergent scholars in the field by presenting an award for the best PhD dissertation in public policy and management. The winner will be honored at the 2020 Fall Research Conference.

For the 2020 nominations, any dissertation that has been completed in the academic years 2018 - 2019 or 2019 - 2020, and granted a degree in that period, is eligible for consideration. No dissertation that has been completed prior to May 1, 2018 will be accepted and previously submitted dissertations will not be considered. Dissertations from any discipline are acceptable as long as they deal substantively with public policy issues and are nominated by a faculty member of a public policy program that is an institutional member of APPAM. (The faculty member need not be the major adviser or supervisor of the student’s dissertation, but can nominate the dissertation based on the belief that it makes a strong contribution to policy analysis.)
Nominations must come from institutional members of APPAM. Please send both a letter of nomination (with the nominee’s current address, e-mail address, and phone number) carefully detailing the unique contributions this dissertation makes to the field and a digital copy of the dissertation to the APPAM office via email to Samantha Oliver at The deadline for nominations is Friday, July 10 at 12 PM Pacific time. 
Winners receive a cash award in the amount of $1,500 in addition to a plaque, recognition at the annual Fall Research Conference, and publication of an abstract in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM). A separate grant covering travel costs to the Fall Research Conference will also be provided. The award winner and two honorable mentions will be given an opportunity to display posters of their dissertations during the conference.

About the 2019 Recipient: Shiran Victoria Shen, University of Virginia

PhD_Dissertation_Award__Shiran_Victoria_ShenShiran Victoria Shen is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Politics at the University of Virginia (2018–). Previously, she forged her own path in graduate school at Stanford University (2013–2018) by simultaneously pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science and an M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with high honors from Swarthmore College in 2012.

From the lenses of environmental politics, Prof. Shen’s research speaks to fundamental issues in the study of political economy, policy implementation, public management, and bureaucracy in China and beyond. Methodologically, she seeks to integrate relevant techniques from political science, engineering, earth systems, computer science, and other disciplines to illuminate the problems of energy and the environment.

Professor Shen is writing a book based on her dissertation, The Political Pollution Cycle: An Inconvenient Truth and How To Break It. The article-length version of two dissertation chapters has won the Paul A. Sabatier Award from the American Political Science Association and the Malcolm Jewell Award from the Southern Political Science Association. Her research has been very generously funded by a number of organizations, including the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy.

Please visit to learn more about her research.

2019 Honorable Mentions

Patricio Dominiquez Rivera, Inter-American Development Bank
Essays on the Economics of Urban Crime

Elizabeth Pérez-Chiqués, CIDE 
Patronage as a System of Insiders and Outsiders: Lessons from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico


Prior Winners

2017 - 2018

Garima Sawich, University at Albany, State University of New York 
Impact of Employment Barriers on Individuals with Criminal Records: An Econometric Evaluation of Criminal Records in New York 
Honorable mentions:
Y. Nina Gao, University of Chicago and Allison C. Kelly, University of Washington

2016 - 2017

Mallory Flowers, Georgia Tech School of Public Policy
Green Certification Pathways: The Roles of Public Goods, Private Goods and Certification Schemes
Honorable mentions:
Alan Zarychta, University of Colorado - Boulder

2015 - 2016

Vincent Reina, University of Southern California, Sol Price School of Public Policy
The Impact of Mobility and Government Rental Subsidies on the Welfare of Households and Affordability of Markets
Honorable mentions:
Eric Roberts, John Hopkins University and Daniel Sebastian Tello-Trillo, Vanderbilt University


Manasi Deshpande, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Essays on the Effects of Disability Insurance
Honorable mentions:
Alexander Smith, University of Virginia and Gabriel Cardona-Fox, University of Texas, Austin


Anjali Adukia, Harvard University
The Role of Basic Needs in Educational Decisions: Essays in Education and Development Economics
Honorable mention:
Sara Heller, University of Chicago


Sarah Anzia, University of California, Berkeley
Election Timing and the Political Influence of the Organized
Honorable mention:
Hosung Sohn, University of California, Berkeley


Daeho Kim, Brown University
Essays in Health Economics
Honorable mentions:
Chloe Gibbs, University of Chicago
Christopher Robert, Harvard University JFK School of Government


Kurt Lavetti, University of California-Berkeley
Essays on the Estimation of Prices in Implicit Markets
Honorable mentions:
Cassandra Marie Doll Hart, Northwestern University


Heidi Williams, MIT
Essays on Technological Change in Healthcare Markets
Honorable mentions:
Kristin Seefeldt, University of Michigan
Judith Scott-Clayton, Harvard University JFK School of Government

2008 - 2009

Steven Hemelt, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Essays in Education Policy: Accountability, Achievement, and Access
Honorable mentions:
None recognized for this year 


Haitao Yin, University of Pennsylvania
The Environmental and Economic Impacts of Environmental Regulations: The Case of Underground Storage Tank Regulations
Honorable mentions:
Maria Fitzpatrick, University of Virginia
Jeremy Rosner, University of Maryland


Christopher Herbst, University of Maryland-College Park
Effects of Social Policy Reforms and the Economy on Welfare Participation and Employment of Single Mothers
Honorable mentions:
Douglas Carr, University of Kentucky 
Stephanie Cellini, University of California-Los Angeles


Kilkon Ko, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs 
Behaviors of Policy Analysts in Public Investment Decisions: How Policy Analysts Make Decisions
Honorable mentions:
Leah Brooks, University of California-Los Angeles
Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal, Northwestern University


Asim Zia, Georgia Institute of Technology School of Public Policy
Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Decision Behaviors in Response to the Inspection and Maintenance Program in the Atlanta Airshed, 1997-2001
Honorable mentions:
Margaret Patrick Haist, University of Kentucky
Sergio Fernandez, University of Georgia


Shreyasi Jha, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Linkages Between Trade and Liberalization and Environmental Policy: Evidence from India
Honorable mentions:
Zhong Yi Tong, University of Maryland
Jesse Levin, University of Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute


Rucker Johnson, University of Michigan
Essays on Urban Spatial Structure, Job Search and Job Mobility
Honorable mentions:
R. Karl Rethemeyer, Harvard University JFK School of Government
Gail Corrado, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


Mark Long, University of Michigan
The Effects of Education Policy on College Entry and Household Savings
Honorable mentions:
Brian Jacob, University of Chicago
Katherine Magnuson, Northwestern University


Jacob Hacker, Yale University
Boundary Wars: Political Struggle Over Public and Private Social Benefits in the U.S.
Honorable mentions:
Jean Marie Abraham, Carnegie Mellon University
Shanti Rabindran Gamper, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Susanna Loeb, University of Michigan
Economic Analyses of Elementary and Secondary School Resource Provision
Honorable mentions:
Laura J. Dugan, Carnegie Mellon University
Patrick McEwan, Stanford University


Meredith Phillips, Northwestern University
Early Inequalities: The Development of Ethnic Differences in Academic Achievement During Childhood
Honorable mentions:
Karen Baehler, University of Maryland
Carol Silva, University of Rochester


Kevin Volpp, University of Pennsylvania
Market-based Reforms and the Impact on Quality of Care: An Examination of the Quality Impacts of the Transition from Hospital Rate-Setting to Price Competition in New Jersey
Honorable mentions:
Kim Rueben, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Katherine Baicker, Harvard University JFK School of Government


Xavier De Souza Briggs, Harvard University JFK School of Government
Brown Kids in White Suburbs: Housing Mobility, Neighborhood Effects and the Social Capital of Poor Youth
Honorable mentions:
Ingrid Gould Ellen, New York University
Rebecca London, Northwestern University


Sheila E. Murray, University of Maryland-College Park
Two Essays on the Distribution of Education Resources and Outcomes


Johannes M. Bos, New York University Wagner School of Public Service
The Labor Market Value of Remedial Education: Evidence from Time Series Data on an Experimental Program for School Dropouts


Kathryn A. Foster, Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Special Districts and the Political Economy of Metropolitan Service Delivery
Thomas J. Nechyba, University of Rochester
Fiscal Federalism and Local Public Finance: A General Equilibrium Approach with Voting


Kenneth Langa, University of Chicago Harris School of Policy Studies
Medicaid Cost-Containment in the 1980s: Did It Encourage Interpayer Differences in Hospital Care


Thomas J. Kane, Harvard University JFK School of Government
College Entry by Blacks Since 1970: The Role of Tuition, Financial Aid, Local Economic Conditions and Family Background 

About the 2019 Recipient: Shiran Victoria Shen, University of Virginia

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