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JPAM’s Closer Look is a deep-dive discussion with JPAM authors who are researching some of the top issues facing our country today—including immigration, education, crime, healthcare and housing. 

Join our host, Seth Gershenson, Associate Professor of Public Policy, American University and Research Fellow, IZA Institute of Labor Economics in learning more about the research that will shape future public policy.

Closer Look is a production of JPAM and the American University’s School of Public Affairs. Be sure to follow the podcast on your favorite platform so you don’t miss an episode!




JPAM’s Closer Look Episode 2: Unraveling the Effects of the Affordable Care Act After 10 Years


What have we learned from 10 years of the Affordable Care Act? Our host, Seth Gershenson, talks to Jonathon Gruber, Ford Professor of Economics at MIT, about his article on the same topic that recently appeared in JPAM, The Affordable Care Act's Effects on Patients, Providers, and the Economy: Waht We've Learned So Far.




JPAM’s Closer Look Episode 1: Do Need-Based Grants Impact Student Decisions Regarding STEM Degrees?

In the first episode of Closer Look, our host talks to Bridget Terry Long, Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education about her recently published article in JPAM, Can Financial Aid Help to Address the Growing Need for STEM Education?.

Long, and her co-authors, Benjamin Castleman and Zachary Mabel, looked at the impact of financial aid on STEM course enrollment and graduation rates. Find out what inspired Long to research this topic and what they learned!



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