Chair Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all conference panel chairs. If you have any questions, please contact Jocelyn Mason
APPAM relies on session chairs to ensure that there is sufficient time for audience discussion during the session. There should be at least 20 minutes of time set aside for audience interaction, though in the case of sessions with four papers this may be difficult to achieve. A good rule of thumb is 12 minutes per presentation for 4 papers and 15 minutes per presentation for 3 papers. A presentation longer than 15 minutes is considered excessive. 
Sessions at the APPAM Fall Research Conference are 90 minutes long with only 15 minutes to transition to the next session. It is important to bring a session to a close on time so that attendees can transfer in an orderly fashion. 
Please note, APPAM does not provide laptops for the panels so if a presentation requires a computer, one of the presenters must bring one. APPAM does provide a screen and LCD projector for use, if necessary.
You will find at your session a set of time control cards to keep the presentations within limits. These cards, printed on brightly colored paper, say in order: 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, and STOP! You may find it useful to sit in the first row of the audience facing the presenters so they easily can see these cards. Please leave the cards on the head table at the conclusion of the session. 
Paper panels often begin with a brief introduction by the chair followed by the individual paper presentation in the order you determine. Discussant(s) offer remarks and the audience then begins a Q&A with the panelists. You are strongly encouraged to use an alternative format if the panelists agree; for example, having a discussant summarize all the papers at the beginning of the session. These alternative formats can help facilitate audience participation and discussion. Please consider sending an email to all session participants a week ahead of time that describes the format you plan to follow, the order of presentation, and the amount of time for each paper presentation and discussant. If you need contact information for anyone in your panel, please contact Jocelyn Mason
APPAM has found that audience participation is stifled if the panelists respond to the discussant(s) prior to opening up the session for discussion, or if the audience is encouraged to direct remarks to a specific panelist. We encourage you to focus the conversation on the broader issues that cut across all of the papers and limit narrow questions about specific aspects of a paper. 
Please refer to APPAM's Participant Guidelines for more information on the roles of all participants. 
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