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This FAQ addresses specific questions for the 2017 Fall Research Conference in Chicago, IL. Below you will find FAQ on both how to register for the 2017 Fall Research Conference as well as general questions. If you have a question and it is not answered by any of our FAQs, please feel free to contact Tristanne Staudt, Education and Conferences Manager, at tstaudt@appam.org.


Registration Questions

Questions And Answers

My organization is asking for a completed W-9 to draw up a check for my registration. Is this possible?

We would be happy to provide your organization a copy of our W-9 for payment.  Please contact Meghan Grenda at mgrenda@appam.org to obtain this.

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How do I register for the conference?

Registration for the conference is now open.  Click here for registration pricing information.

Click here to register now.

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2017 Fall Conference Questions

Questions And Answers

When is the 2017 Fall Research Conference?

The 2017 Fall Research Conference will be held Thursday, November 2 through Saturday, November 4 in Chicago, Illinois.

Association governance meetings and a pre-conference workshop will occur on Wednesday, November 1.

The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.  

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What is the theme for the 2017 Fall Research Conference?

The theme for this year's conference is Measurement Matters:  Better Data for Better Decisions. The theme was selected by APPAM President-elect David Johnson.

This conference will focus on the importance of data and measurement, and celebrate the government staff who work to improve the measures we use every day. At recent Fall Conferences, we have heard about the importance of using evidence and research in policy making; focusing on data and measurement is the next step. It is more essential than ever, in light of recent criticism of government data and statistics, to demonstrate the importance of government data.  

We hope that papers will stress the importance of measurement in public policy analysis, discuss how data are used to evaluate policy and performance, and demonstrate how different data or measures affect results. We encourage papers that examine new data (e.g., “Big data”), new uses for current survey data, and the integration of both survey and administrative data. Symposia and roundtables will present unique data sets that have been used to evaluate policy, the importance of federal data and federal measurement of key indicators, and the results of the recent effort on evidence-based policy making.    

The 39th APPAM Fall Conference will take place in Chicago, a city that hosted the first APPAM conference in 1979. In a nod to the importance of state and local policy, we encourage submissions that examine data, measurement and analysis from states and cities, strengthening our connection to the local communities. As Becky Blank, Past President of APPAM and current Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin- Madison, has said “Always remember that measurement matters!”

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How many sessions will be at the conference this year?

There will be just over 300 sessions at the conference this year, plus a number of special events including symposia, receptions, lunches, breakfasts, and networking mixers.

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How does APPAM determine how many sessions to schedule for each topic area in the Fall Research Conference?

The Program Committee is given a budget for policy area sessions that is based on the proportion of policy area submissions to the overall number of submissions received. The APPAM president-elect makes the final determination of how many sessions there will be in each area based on recommendations from the Program Committee. There are almost always constraints within the hotel or convention center for space and these constraints dictate the overall number of sessions that APPAM can accept. Quality of the sessions always is the first and foremost criterion. APPAM prefers that each area have a minimum number of sessions each year and that there be a large number of areas represented. Otherwise, the conference will not offer a worthwhile professional meeting to persons interested in those topics. APPAM prefers that any area with more sessions than there are unique time slots have sufficiently diverse panels to allow two be scheduled opposite each other at one time without diluting their audience. The Program Committee often seeks to combine similar panels into a single session given the time constraints and high demand for participation.

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What policy areas will be represented at the conference?

There will be 15 policy areas represented at the conference. You can find all the areas along with descriptions on the Policy Areas page of the website.

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When can I register for the conference?

Online registration for the Fall Research Conference is open July 17 through October 24, 2017. Onsite registration is also available.

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Do I have to register online for the conference?

All registrations in advance must be completed at APPAM.org. Registrations can be made using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express cards. Domestic checks can be mailed to the APPAM office at 1100 Vermont Ave NW, Suite #650, Washington, DC 20005. We cannot accept foreign money orders or bank transfers from individuals. Please note that during the registration process, you will be given opportunity to print an invoice for your registration. You must send that invoice, along with your payment, to the APPAM office. 

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Do all attendees need to register for the conference?

Yes, all attendees must register for the Fall Research Conference, regardless of whether they are participating or attending in sessions and events.

Everyone presenting a paper or poster, taking part in a roundtable or acting as a chair or discussant must register and pay for the conference. APPAM requires everyone presenting papers on panels to register by September 22. APPAM reserves the right to remove/replace papers from the conference if panelists do not register by this date.

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What are the various deadlines for registration?

Early Registration Opens July 17, 2017
Speaker Registration Deadline September 22, 2017
Early Registration Ends September 22, 2017
Regular Registration Opens September 23, 2017
Regular Registration Ends October 24, 2017
Onsite Registration Opens November 1, 2017


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What are the procedures for getting a visa invitation letter to travel to the Fall Conference from outside the U.S.?

APPAM will provide visa invitation letters upon request to authors accepted to present papers or to otherwise participate in sessions at the Fall Research Conference. Please note that all persons participating on the program are required to register for the conference before a visa invitation is given. Other persons interested in attending the meetings must pay a non-refundable registration fee if they wish to request a visa letter. To request a visa invitation letter, please contact Meghan Grenda, mgrenda@appam.org

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What is a caucus, and how do I submit one for the conference?

This is a dedicated time for participants to gather informally to discuss new and emerging policy issues, to formulate new research questions, approaches to research and to form possible research collaborations. All caucuses will be presented over breakfast on Saturday, November 4.

Accepted caucuses will be published by November 13, 2017.

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What special events will take place during the conference?

You can see a tenative list of special events on the conference schedule at a glance page.

Special events will also be listed in the online preliminary program, the mobile app, the printed program, and on the APPAM website.

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This is my first Fall Research Conference. I heard there was a special reception for members like me?

Congratulations on attending your first APPAM Fall Research Conference! We know you're going to have a great time.

First-time attendees and new members are invited to attend a special reception on Wednesday, November 1, from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. Invitations will be sent out in the fall as the conference approaches. If you haven't received notification of your invitation by early October, contact Meghan Grenda, mgrenda@appam.org.

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How can I learn more about chair, discussant and participant roles and responsibilities?

You can find details on participant roles as well as suggested formats for all sessions on the Participant Guidelines page.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Tristanne Staudt, tstaudt@appam.org.

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Are there guidelines for poster presenters this year?

Yes; these guidelines apply to all poster presentations for this year's conference. If you have any questions, please contact Tristanne Staudt, tstaudt@appam.org

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I have a PowerPoint/handout to accompany my presentation. What do I do?

If you’re presenting and want attendees to have access to handouts, Power Point presentations, or other documents, APPAM can upload them to the conference mobile app for attendees to peruse at their leisure. Contact Larissa Dalton Stephanoff, ldstephanoff@appam.org, for more information on how to get your materials online.

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What is the hotel wi-fi?

Network: APPAM

Passcode: appam2017

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Will there be a conference app available again this year?

The APPAM Fall Research Conference mobile app will once again be available to all attendees. Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, this handy application can help you keep track of your schedule, network with fellow attendees both near and far, find presenters and papers at a touch, and utilize social media to enhance your experience. Find the app in your device’s app store or download it in mid-September. Watch APPAM.org for more details.

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Is there a nursing mother's room?

Yes, there are three options:

West tower:

  • Skyway West – Hyatt’s individual Mother’s Room next to the Fitness Center & Women’s Restroom. No key required – locks from inside.
  • Sandburg Room – 3rd Floor East – APPAM’s Mother’s Room.
    This will be locked & accessible by key only. Please request a key by emailing Samantha Oliver or requesting one at the APPAM Information/Registration Desk.

East tower:

  • Skyway East – located by Plaza Ballroom – multipurpose family/mom room.

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Are there any tips about getting around Chicago?

We recommend inputing "Upper Wacker Drive" and "Upper Stetson Avenue" into your GPS or ride-sharing app. These multi-level roads often confuse the apps, or assume the lower level unless clearly indicated.

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What meals are included in the registration rate?

Thursday: Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall and hors d'oeurves at the Welcome Reception.

Friday: Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall and hors d'oeurves at the Presidential Reception. 

Saturday: Caucus Breakfast and Poster Luncheon.

In addition, refreshment breaks will be served each afternoon in the Exhibit Hall.

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Will there be volunteer opportunities for the 2017 Fall Research Conference?

Yes, there will be volunteer opportunities for students. We will be seeking volunteers for both editorial and general assistance at the conference.  Please contact Larissa Dalton Stephanoff, ldstephanoff@appam.org, for more details on these opportunities.

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What sponsorship, advertising and exhibit opportunities are available?

A full list of sponsorship, advertising, and exhibitor information will be available on the APPAM website soon!

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Will any of the conference sessions be live-streamed or be accessible through video recordings?

Yes, some special events and symposia will be live-streamed and/or recorded at the conference. Additional details will be available soon.

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Where can I find tips on how to get my proposal accepted?

Watch this APPAM webinar: Fall Conference Research Subsmissions

Webinar attendees will learn from seasoned APPAM panelists and Conference Program Committee members on what the proposal review process entails, what they look for when reviewing proposals, and what factors can increase your chance of getting accepted.

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Is there a fee for submission of papers for the 2017 Fall Conference.

There is no fee to submit a paper proposal for the 2017 Fall Conference. Presenters of accepted proposals will be required to register for the conference. There is a fee for registration and the registration period for the 2017 Fall Research Conference will opened in July.

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