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Submission FAQ for

Rising to the Challenge:
Engaging Diverse Perspectives on Issues and Evidence

November 7 - 9, 2019  | Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel |  Denver, Colorado


Conference Submission FAQ Questions

Questions And Answers

What types of proposals does APPAM usually invite?

We are soliciting abstracts for (1) individual papers to be integrated into panels, (2) panels made up of 3-4 papers, (3) roundtables, (4) super sessions and (5) posters.

Submission Definitions

Single Paper - Single paper submissions are individual research papers that will be reviewed and combined with 2-3 other papers to form cohesive panels.  Submissions should note the presenting author and include an abstract of no more than 500 words.

Panel - Panels include 3-4 papers.  A chair and at least one, and a maximum of two discussants are required.  Two discussants are encouraged for panels with four papers. Presenting authors may not serve as the chair or discussant on the same panel. Individuals may only present a paper on one panel throughout the conference, though they may serve as a chair or discussant multiple times.

Roundtable - Roundtables are not paper dependent, but rather feature speakers who will discuss a topic from varying perspectives and draw the audience into a discussion on the topic.  Roundtable proposals should include no more than 4 speakers plus a moderator.

Super Session- Super sessions are alternatives to a traditional symposium as seen as past events.  These sessions are designed to gather a large number of attendees from a single policy area and should focus on topics that have a broad impact on public policy.  They are simliar to a roundtable in format where there is a moderator and two to four speakers.

Poster - Poster submissions are single paper proposals that are presented in a poster format.  Presenters will be asked to discuss their work and answer questions during each poster session.  A first, second, and third pace winner will be selected from the presenters each day.

Please note that the Program Committee reserves the right to alter, combine and even transform proposals as it builds sessions for the conference.

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What information do I need to submit a panel?

In order to submit you will need the names, email addresses and affiliations of all participants, including non-presenting authors. You will also be asked to submit the following:

  1. Panel Title
  2. Overall Panel Abstract (no more than 500 words)
  3. Paper Titles (3-4)
  4. Paper Abstracts (no more than 500 words each)
  5. Presenting and Non-Presenting Author Contact Information
  6. One chair and one or two discussants
  7. One session organizer

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What does a strong panel look like?

A strong panel contains three or four papers, a chair and at least one, but no more than two, discussant(s). A panel with four papers is encouraged to have two discussants but again, only one is required. The panel abstract ties the papers together and clearly indicates how the panel relates to the conference theme and the selected policy area. Strong panels include a diverse range of participants, crossing lines of gender, race, affiliation and research methods and perspective.

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What information do I need to submit a roundtable?

Roundtable submissions are discussion-based sessions that require the following:

  • Roundtable Title
  • Abstract of the Session (no more than 500 words)
  • 2-4 Speakers with contact information
  • One Moderator with contact information
  • One organizer with contact information

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When will acceptances/rejections be sent out?

All acceptance and rejection notices will be sent out in mid-July.

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In the past, I have submitted a panel and it’s been pulled apart, why does that happen?

Sometimes, upon careful review, the Program Committee decides that a panel would be stronger if certain papers or participants were removed or replaced. This happens for reasons of diversity, to increase panel cohesiveness or to vary perspectives on a certain topic. When this happens they put together an altered panel using other papers available to them in order to create the strongest possible program for attendees. When altering a panel, program committee members may also change the panel title, replace the chair and/ or discussant(s) and reclassify the panel as belonging to a different policy area.

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What if my submission fits into two policy areas?

You will be asked to select a primary policy area, based on the 15 areas identified for the 2019 Fall Research Conference.  However, you will be asked during the submission process if you would like to identify a second area that your submission may fit into as well.  This seconday area is only used for review purposes and will not have any impact on how the work is presented at the confernece, should it be accepted.

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I’m having difficulty submitting my proposal, who should I contact?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact appam@confex.com. If you have a question about the conference or specific submission criteria, please contact Tristanne Staudt at tstaudt@appam.org.

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Do I have to start and finish my submission in one session?

No. You can start your submission now and finish it at a later date. Upon beginning your submission, you will receive an email with an access link that is unique to your proposal. Keep this email and you will be able to use the information provided to login and complete your submission at a later time. Your submission must be completed by the submission deadline. If any part is incomplete after the deadline, your submission will be deleted and not considered for inclusion in the conference.

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What should I do if I am submitting a proposal for the conference but I need my session or poster to be scheduled on a specific day?

If you have scheduling limitations, please email them to Tristanne Staudt at tstaudt@appam.org. Do not include scheduling limitations in the description or abstract fields of the submission systems as they are unlikely to be seen and will not be honored. Please limit scheduling requests to reasons of great importance including religious observances, medical needs or international travel limitations. Scheduling over 300 sessions is very challenging and requires many sessions to be scheduled during non-preferred time slots, we are not able to accommodate scheduling requests due to family matters or work/class schedules.

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Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes, you may submit as many proposals as you wish. However, you may only present one paper at the conference. If you submit more than one proposal, the others must be co-authored and a co-author must be willing and available to present the work at the conference if more than one of your proposals is accepted.

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What time is the submission deadline on April 10th?

The official deadline is 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Wednesday, April 10, 2020.  There will be no extensions to this deadline.

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I am planning on submitting a panel. I will submit the abstracts for each paper. Do the authors of the papers need to submit their abstracts separately as well?

No, submitting them as part of the panel is all that is required. The system will not allow the same paper to be submitted twice.

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What are the chair and discussant roles?

You can find information on these, as well as all particpant, roles here.

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I have a question about the submission process that's not addressed here. What do I do?

You can email Tristanne Staudt, tstaudt@appam.org, directly with your question.

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Is there any financial assistance provided by the conference if my proposal is accepted for oral or poster presentation?

Unfortunately, there is no financial assistance provided for those whose proposals, papers, and/or posters that were accepted. Presenters also need to register for the conference; there is an Early Registration discount if registration is done before the early deadline.

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Can the chair/discussant be from the same organization as one of the authors?

Yes, though we highly encourage submitters so include as much organizational diversity as possible when organizing their panel.

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What is the Single Paper Listing and where can I find it?

Fully submitted panel submissions have an average acceptance rate of 47% compared to 26% for single paper submissions.  Check out the Single Paper Listing to find other similar papers and re-submit your work as a panel. This listing includes the policy area, abstracts, and contact information for each single paper submitted for inclusion in the 2019 Fall Research Conference.  

The Single Paper Listing will be opened on February 13th, and will be updated every Wednesday through April 11th.  


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When will submissions open and close for this year's conference?

We will begin accepting submissions in early February.  The deadline for all submissions will be April 24, 2020.

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Will there be an international focus at this year's conference?

Over the past few years we've received a growing number of requests for internationally-focused sessions at the conference.  This year, we've adjusted the submissions process to include questions that will help identify not only internationally-focused submissions, but state/local submissions as well.

You'll still be asked to select a policy area from the current list of 15 represented at the conference, but on the Title Page step of submission, you will be asked to identify if your submission identifies as international or state/local.  These identifications will not only point attendees in the direction of these sessions, but it will help the Program Committee better review the submissions.

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Is it possible to submit one research topic as a proposal for a paper and a proposal for a poster at the same time?

Great question! 

During the single paper submission process there is an option to select if you'd like to have your paper considered for poster presentation in the event that it is not accepted for a panel. As long as that box is checked, your submission will be considered for both presentation types.

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Will super session submissions be considered for anything else?

Great question!  Any super session submissions not accepted as that session type, will be considered for a smaller roundtable session during the conference.

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Can you explain the role of the organizer in the roundtable? Can this person also be a speaker or moderator?

Of course!  The Organizer has no official role at the conference - they are simply the person who led the way in pulling the session together.  Becuase they have no official role, they are more than welcome to serve as either a chair, discussant, or a presenting author.

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I planned to submit a panel with other two presenters. Do I need to submit my paper to the single paper session as well? Thanks!

You do not.  The system will not allow the same paper to be submitted twice so you simply need to submit your paper as part of the panel.  

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