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APPAM Introduces 2020 Virtual Professional Development Series


With both disruptions to physical meetings and economic activity, the training and development landscape for public policy professionals in 2020 is not the best. APPAM is committed to its members' professional development, and will offer a virtual series of events, including a kick-off cocktail hour, bi-weekly meetings on specific development topics and an Ask the Experts Meet-Up at the end, all through Zoom. This series will be in addition to the established formal mentoring program, focused on students, which will kick off July 1st.

Registration is required for all events. All events are at 5:00PM EDT.

More panelists to be added shortly.

The series kicks off with a cocktail hour. Meet the panelists, your peers and even APPAM Staff in a relaxed (virtual) environment.
  • Cynthia Osborne, University of Texas, Austin
  • Bradley Hardy, American University
  • Ryan Martz, APPAM
In this session, academic and practitioner members will cover what they look for in new hires and their resumes. Academics will cover teaching statements and lesson planning and both members will touch on career/goal setting.
  • Preethi Rao, RAND Corporation
  • Stuart Shapiro, Rutgers University
  • Erika Liliedahl, U.S. Office of Management and Budget

Next Stop: PhD (July 22nd)

This session will provide advice from a PhD program director as well as PhD candidates/recent graduates. Participants will be discussing their experience to help students with deciding where to apply, what to highlight, interview techniques and more!
  • David Morar, George Washington University
  • Elsie Harper-Anderson, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Kirk Heffelmire, U.S. Internal Revenue Service
During this trying time, many recent graduates and those approaching the job market fear that they will have difficulty finding employment. This session aims to help alleviate these concerns by providing tips and personal experiences of speakers that navigated a similar job market in 2008/2009.
  • Daniel Lopez-Cevallos, Oregon State University
  • Terry Henley, University of Central Florida
  • Tina Fletcher, University of Pennsylvania
This session will provide guidance on identifying possible collaborators or datasets, getting your research seen, and will review research strategies/statements/questions.
  • Diana F. Epstein, U.S. Office of Management and Budget
  • Cynthia Osborne, University of Texas, Austin
  • Shiran Victoria Shen, University of Virginia

Getting That Fellowship (September 2nd)

Speakers in this session will provide guidance on preparing fellowship applications, budget, proposal, meeting requirements, and managing deadlines.
  • Kimberly Williams, Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program
  • Rachel Perera, Pardee RAND Graduate School
  • John Martinez, MDRC

This session will focus on navigating between academic and non-academic jobs. Topics addressed include breaking back into academia once you have left.
  • Maria Cancian, Georgetown University
  • Jenni Owen, North Carolina Governor's Office
  • Laura Peck, Abt Associates

Ask the Experts (September 30th)
All members will have the opportunity to register for this final meeting. This session, set in a speed dating manner, will provide an opportunity for small groups (three to four individuals) to interact with a single policy professional/researcher at a time and ask their most pressing questions.
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