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#2020APPAM Sponsor Spotlight: Rice University


The #2020APPAM Fall Research Conference will take place online, but it will also have some fantastic sponsors from across the policy research spectrum. Today we're shining a spotlight on the Rice University Master of Social Policy Evaluation (MSPE).

What are the main areas of work on which you focus?

Rice University's Master of Social Policy Evaluation focuses on four main areas: criminal and juvenile justice, public health, early childhood development and education, and labor markets..

What would you say are your school's greatest accomplishments in the last 5-10 years?

While our Master of Social Policy Evaluation (MSPE) is recruiting for its charter cohort, Rice University remains an institution of high impact and unparalleled research.  Connected with the MSPE is the Texas Policy Lab, an on-campus research institute that provides scientific insight, and independent, timely evaluations of current social and economic programs and new initiatives in the state of Texas.

Why should potential students choose your school or program?

Rice University's Master of Social Policy Evaluation offers students a unique blend of skills necessary to address the challenges faced by entities in the development, implementation and evaluation of social policies.  Students will learn and apply frontier methods of social policy impact analysis in a yearlong, full time, 30-credit hour program that provides the quantitative skills and hands-on application for real-world policy evaluations conducted at the Texas Policy Lab and other research centers at Rice.

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