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2024 APPAM Policy Council Nominations



One of the most rewarding ways to serve APPAM is through the Policy Council, the APPAM Board of Directors. This year, APPAM is looking for nominations for the leadership positions of APPAM Secretary, APPAM Vice President and APPAM President-Elect. All terms will begin in 2024. Officer positions are two years and board positions are four years.

In addition to the leadership positions, the membership will elect two researchers who work in an academic setting to the Policy Council this year. They will also elect one researcher who works in a non-academic setting and an Institutional Representative who is active on the committee of the institutional representatives. The individual(s) nominated must be members in good standing and have been a member for at least three years. You can self-nominate or put forward the name of a member whom you feel would be an excellent leadership candidate. As part of its commitment to equity and inclusion, APPAM encourages underrepresented candidates to apply for Policy Council service. To be considered please submit:

  • Name of the person being nominated
  • Organization
  • 250-word statement on why this person would be an excellent candidate

Please submit your statement to Tara Sheehan, APPAM Executive Director, by Friday, August 25. Or, if you have general questions about service, please email Tara.


The full roster of candidates will be presented to the membership at the APPAM Membership Meeting, held in conjunction with the Fall Research Conference on Thursday, November 9. Shortly thereafter, voting will take place and the winners will be announced in January 2024.


You can find a list of the current APPAM Officersmembers of the APPAM Policy Council, and the APPAM bylaws on the Association website.

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