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2024 Policy Council and Leadership Slate for Election

The APPAM Election will take place by email in December. All current members will receive a ballot to vote and instructions on how to cast that vote. Voting will last for 30 days and once voting concludes, the winners will be disseminated to the membership and terms will begin. Terms are four years for Policy Council members, two years for leadership and one year for President-Elect. The President-Elect automatically becomes the President at the conclusion of their year as President-Elect.  

APPAM Leadership (Vice President: one seat, Secretary: one seat)

  • Ingrid Ellen, New York University, President-Elect
  • Stephanie Moulton, Ohio State University Vice President
  • Gary Painter, University of Cincinnati, Vice President
  • Mike Shires, University of Austin, Vice President
  • Jill Berk, Mathematica, Secretary
  • Anil Deolalikar, University of California, Riverside, Secretary
  • Jane Lincove, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Secretary

Researcher Working in an Academic Setting (two seats)

  • Lindsay Bullinger, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Daniel Jones, University of Pittsburgh
  • Seth Gershenson, American University
  • Sarah Guthrey, University of Oklahoma
  • David Konisky, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Karin Martin, University of Washington

Researcher Working in a Non-Academic Setting (one seat)

  • S. Michael Gaddis, NWEA (Education Non-profit)
  • Jonathan Schwabish, Urban Institute
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