Introducing APPAM's Incoming 2019 policy council members

The Policy Council is APPAM's governing board and is responsible for setting policy and creating strategy for the Association. It currently consists of four elected cohorts serving staggered, four-year terms of office.

Ballots were sent to all APPAM members and voting was held December 10, 2018 through January 10, 2019. Please welcome our incoming Policy Council.

Among the four person cohort for the Policy Council, one is a researcher in a non-academic setting, one is an institutional representative elected by the Committee of Institutional Representatives, and two are researchers in academic settings, with one of those two in his early academic career. All will serve four-year terms.  Congratulations to Liana Fox of the Census Bureau for election to the Non-Academic Setting seat on the Policy Council; Bradley Hardy of American University for election to the Early Career Academic Setting seat; Heather D. Hill of the University of Washington for election to the Academic Setting seat; and Sarah Jane Brubaker of Virginia Commonwealth University for election to the Institutional Member Representative seat.  Their election statements can be read on the linked pages.    

The APPAM officers (ex officio voting); the APPAM Executive Director and the Editor of JPAM (ex-officio non-voting) comprise the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee is also part of the Policy Council.  Newly appointed to the Executive Committee are Maria Cancian of Georgetown University as President-Elect for a one-year term concluding with her appointment to APPAM President following our 2019 Fall Research Conference; John Martinez of MDRC as Vice President for a two-year term; and Sanya Carley of Indiana University as Treasurer for a two-year term.  

Finally, one student has been appointed by the APPAM President, Matthew Stagner, and the Chair of the Institutional Representatives, Patty Troppe, to serve a two-year term on the Policy Council through 2020.  Congratulations to Lauren Davis of Pardee RAND Graduate School on this appointment.  

We are excited to see our newly-elected officials help APPAM grow in its service to the public policy community over the coming years!