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APPAM Election Delayed


You might be wondering why you have not received an APPAM ballot or any information yet about the candidates running to serve on the APPAM Policy Council.  Because we moved the Fall Conference from November 2021 to March 2022, the Membership Meeting timing was affected. The Membership Meeting is an important part of the election process. The Nominating Committee puts together a slate of nominees for the upcoming election, the Policy Council approves the slate, and the slate is presented to the membership at the annual Membership Meeting. The membership then votes to approve the slate.  The membership can nominate additional people for the slate of candidates at the meeting.

Once the slate is complete and the APPAM membership votes to approve the slate, an election takes place no more than 60 days afterwards. So, while you're used to seeing the APPAM election occur in mid-December and the new Board Members installed in mid-January, that process will take place in mid-April instead, after the APPAM Membership Meeting takes place on March 29 in Austin. The APPAM Bylaws provide more details.   

Below is the slate of candidates that the Nominating Committee compiled and the Policy Council approved. The APPAM membership will officially approve this slate on March 29th and all current APPAM members will receive their ballots by email shortly thereafter. 

APPAM Institutional Representatives determine their own nominee(s) to serve as their representative on the Policy Council. Once they complete that process, that nominee (or nominees) will be part of the slate that is presented on March 29 as well.                                                                      

Please reach out to APPAM Executive Director Tara Sheehan,, if you have any questions about the election process. 


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