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#APPAM16INTL Student Summary: "The Health Gap: The Challenge of an Unequal World" Plenary


Hyunjung Lee, PhD Candidate
University of Massachusetts Boston


Michael Marmot highlighted residential segregation in Baltimore between Upton/Druid and Roland park. In Upton/Druid, half are single parent families, its median household income is 17,000, 90% did not go on to college. However, in Roland park, median house hold income is 90,000, two parents’ families are 90 percent, and 70 percent complete college. These differences in socio-economic characteristics are associated with health outcomes. He shows lots of results from empirical studies, such as education or is associated with life expectancy; wealth is associated with Infant mortality; socioeconomic-status is associated with cognitive development; preschool is associated with better health outcomes. He emphasized that welfare spending improves health and reduces inequalities. 

Anita Charl

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