Fall Research Conference


2017 Proposal Submissions



Measurement Matters: Better Data for Better Decisions

November 2 - 4, 2017  | Hyatt Regency |  Chicago, IL


Proposal Submission Webinar

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Proposal Submission Information

The submission period for the 2017 Fall Research Conference opened on February 1.  All submissions are due by April 5, 2017.

We are soliciting abstracts for (1) individual papers to be integrated into panels, (2) panels made up of 3-4 papers, (3) roundtables, and (4) posters. Abstracts for individual papers and posters should be no longer than 500 words; if a panel of papers is proposed there should be a summary of each paper plus an overarching description of the panel and its importance. Descriptions for roundtables should also be no longer than 500 words, plus a listing of participants and a summary of their contributions.

  • Individuals may only serve as a presenting author on one panel throughout the conference, though they may serve in other roles multiple times.
  • Individuals may not serve as a chair or discussant for a panel on which they are also presenting a paper.

2017 Policy Areas:

As the Fall Research Conference continues to grow, we recognize the importance of adding new areas of focus to the conference. As such, we’ve added a new policy area for this year’s conference, National Security and Homeland Security, bringing the total number of policy areas to fifteen. For a list of the policy areas, please visit the policy areas webpage.

  • Crime and Drugs
  • Education
  • Employment and Training Programs
  • Family and Child Policy
  • Health Policy
  • Housing and Community Development
  • Impact of Politics on the Policy Process
  • National Security & Homeland Security - NEW!
  • Natural Resource Security, Energy, and Environmental Policy
  • Population and Migration Issues
  • Poverty and Income Policy
  • Public and Nonprofit Management and Finance
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Equity
  • Tools of Analysis: Methods, Data, Informatics, and Research Design



NEW in 2016! - Along with increased policy area list, submitters will also be able to select both a primary and secondary policy area for their proposals.  We realize that research isn't always limited to one area, so the multiple areas will help the Program Committee better review the submissions and identify them in the conference program.


How to Submit a Proposal

Please use the following link to access the submission page.  For specific instructions on the submission process, please download the necessary pdf as shown below.  All proposals are due no later than April 5, 2017.

Submit Your Proposal Today!

How to Submit a Panel

How to Submit a Paper

How to Submit a Poster How to Submit a Roundtable


Session Definitions

Panel - Panels include 3-4 papers.  A chair and at least one, and a maximum of two discussants are required.  Presenting authors may not serve as the chair or discussant on the same panel. Individuals may only present a paper on one panel throughout the conference, though they may serve as a chair or discussant multiple times.

Roundtable - Roundtables are not paper dependent, but rather feature speakers who will discuss a topic from varying perspectives and draw the audience into a discussion on the topic.  Roundtable proposals should include no more than 4 speakers plus a moderator.

Poster - Poster submissions are single paper proposals that are presented in a poster format.  Presenters will be asked to discuss their work and answer questions during each poster session.  A first, second, and third pace winner will be selected from the presenters each day.

Single Paper Listing

If you are interested in submitting a panel but need additional papers to complete your proposal, we invite you to review the Single Paper Listing which will be updated weekly as submissions are received. This listing includes the policy area and abstracts for each single paper submitted for inclusion in the 2017 Fall Research Conference. Fully submitted panel submissions have an average acceptance rate of 47% compared to 26% for single paper submissions. Check out the Single Paper Listing to find other similar papers and re-submit your work as a panel.

The Single Paper Listing is available here.

Help Ensure Your Submission is Accepted! 

Here are a few tips to submitting a successful proposal:

  • Exemplify a Range of Perspectives and Methodologies
    • Consider the diversity of your proposal participants with regards to geography, race, ethnicity.
  • Include Practitioners as Much as Possible
    • No panel should include more than one presenting author from the same organization.  When possible, consider adding practitioners from both the government and private sectors.
  • Ensure All Participants are Aware of the Proposal
    • Before submitting, please ensure the participation of each presenter listed in the proposal.  If you need additional presenters or papers, consult the Single Paper Listing Resource regularly.
  • Look Abroad
    • We encourage members and the public policy community at large to include their peers who are doing important work around the world.
  • Build a Panel
    • Fully submitted panel submissions have an average acceptance rate of 47% compared to 26% for single paper submissions.  Check out the Single Paper Listing to find other similar papers and re-submit your work as a panel.

Important Dates to Remember

Submissions Open February 1
Submissions Close (no extension) April 5
Accept/Reject Notifications Sent Mid July
Speaker Confirmation Due August 31
2016 Fall Research Conference November 2-4



If you have any questions about the conference you can check out the FAQ page or contact Tristanne Staudt.